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Telehealth Solutions

Provide Remote Healthcare in Real Time

Enable remote consultation, care, and coaching experiences with flexible video, voice, and chat telehealth solutions.

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The World Health Organization predicts a shortage of 18 million physicians, nurses, and support staff by 2030. Leading players in the Healthcare industry are using virtual care and telehealth software to close gaps in care delivery and support.

Leverage the latest real-time engagement solutions to provide quality care from anywhere in the world.

Humanize Virtual Care

Provide quality healthcare services anywhere, anytime with custom telehealth software.

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Improve Patient Experience

Use video and real-time communication tools to create quality patient experiences. Connect medical professionals to colleagues and patients with live Video, Voice, and Chat. Facilitate virtual consultations, status reports, check-ins and enable specialists to monitor situations or procedures from remote locations.

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Connect & Collaborate

Quickly integrate real-time telehealth video, voice, and messaging with low-code or no-code solutions. Scale your healthcare services from one-on-one consultations to large group training or coaching sessions with telehealth software systems. With custom telehealth software development and coverage for over 200+ countries and regions, enable healthcare teams to stay connected with one another and patients without compromising reliability or quality.

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Stress-Free Compliance

Ensure that critical information is shared effectively and securely with HIPAA compliant telehealth software. Protect personal data and meet HIPAA compliance standards with Agora’s private network, communication solutions, and telehealth SDK.

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“Clinically speaking, we know through research that video sessions are just as helpful to individuals—their outcomes are just as good as in person. I think video is here to stay.”

Renée Daley, LCSW, Senior Clinical Product Manager, Talkspace

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“Agora’s real-time engagement helps us with both growth and retention. We found that users who have their cameras turned on are 300% more likely to return for another class.”

Sarah Han, Co-Founder, MixPose

Agora Telehealth Software Solutions

Patient-First Experiences

  • Live HD video and audio calls 
  • Reliable and consistent streaming  
  • Adaptive noise cancellation 
  • Real-time messaging 
  • Recording and playback 
  • Real-time usage statistics


  • Interactive whiteboards 
  • Annotation tools 
  • View and authoring control 
  • Interactive media and animation 
  • Media push for large-scale medical events/training 
  • Media pull for including external video/audio streams into a channel

Security & Compliance

  • HIPAA compliant 
  • Network geofencing 
  • Data security and interoperability 
  • Content moderation

Use Cases

Treat Patients. Teach Medicine. Share Knowledge.

Take healthcare solutions to the next level with real-time engagement tools.

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Virtual Consultations

Create intuitive solutions for virtual medical care and deliver high-quality remote consultations. Save time for patients and doctors by providing telehealth services anywhere in the world. 

Even rural communities with low internet speeds can easily connect in real-time. Communicate with confidence using Agora’s intelligent and secure network that prevents lag or dropped calls.

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Mental Healthcare

Deliver virtual therapy sessions and enable quality mental counseling from the comfort of a patient’s homes through Agora’s telehealth API.  

See how Talkspace is revolutionizing mental health services and telemedicine software with Agora’s real-time voice and video integrations. 

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Connect remote monitoring systems to trigger instant support calls between patients and physicians. Enable 24-hour patient monitoring and provide quick access to care in areas outside of network providers with integrated telehealth.

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Medical Training & Events

Allow medical professionals to share their expertise through webinars, live demonstrations, or events via telemedicine software platforms. Create engaging experiences with interactive chat and Q&A.

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Therapy & Fitness

Coach live 1:1 sessions, group classes, or host individual therapy sessions. Use high-quality video to guide clients on their form and demonstrate technique.  

See how MixPose uses Agora to deliver an in-studio yoga experience, virtually.

Experience Agora’s healthcare solutions in action.