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Media Services

Create richer streaming experiences with Media Services extensions for recording and importing/exporting streams.

3 Men in a Live Video Call

Expand the functionality of your real-time experience quickly

Agora’s Media Services add-ons enable you to import and export live or recorded video and audio content directly into and from your Agora stream to enrich your real-time experiences—all with one vendor.


Add all the live streaming functionality you need from streaming into and out of Agora’s network to recording for later on-demand consumption —no need to spend time and money integrating or developing solutions from multiple vendors. 

Reliability at scale

Meet the demands of your project, content, and audience size with flexible recording and streaming solutions. Stream to audiences of one to millions and reach users in over 200 countries and regions with Agora’s high availability network.

Flexible and easy to use

Get to market faster with easy integration through the RESTful API or use client-side SDK options for added flexibility. Media Services add-ons enable you to develop, test and launch your events quickly.

Agora’s Media Services

4 Men in a Video Call with Recording Enabled


Record  audio streams, video streams and web pages for archive, review, or distribution.

Media Gateway thumbnail

Media Gateway

Directly push media streams into Agora voice and video channels using the RTMP/SRT protocol and enable advanced transcoding processing on media streams to facilitate distribution.

A Presenter with 7 people in a meeting

Media Pull

Add additional engagement to your Agora sessions by  pulling live or recorded video and audio content and ingesting directly into your Agora channel.

A Presenter in a Live Streaming Session

Media Push

Expand your audience with hybrid engagement experiences by pushing audio and video streams from Agora channels to Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Screenshot of a woman and man talking with real-time transcription displaying what they are saying

Real-Time Transcription

Enable the power of voice to create a better user experience with fast, accurate, automated transcription and subtitling services. Powered by cutting-edge AI that ensures the highest accuracy even with crosstalk and poor network conditions.

Boost your live streaming experience today with Agora’s Media Services

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