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Agora’s Online Learning Engagement Platform gives you the building blocks you need to assemble interactive classrooms anywhere, on any device, for any class size.


Engage Students. Support Teachers. Enhance Learning.

Agora provides everything you would expect in a state-of-the-art virtual classroom—and many of the unexpected: AI assistance, fun features and a global network that reaches even small villages with challenging access to education.

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Provide effective one-on-one tutoring environments

Many students learn best with personal, one-on-one interaction, whether the subject is reading, math, music, art, or science.

With Agora’s global SD-RTN™, teachers and students can focus on each other and the lesson at hand without the distraction of dropped video or sluggish audio. Teachers can use voice, video, real-time messaging, whiteboards, and other interactive tools to match the student’s learning style.


Provide effective one-on-one tutoring environments

In small classrooms in the physical world, teachers and students can see, hear, and interact with each other in real time. With Agora’s Online Learning Engagement Platform, you can create similar live experiences.

Agora’s reliable global network ensures the best video and audio quality possible, even with challenging network conditions. Add interactive whiteboards, document sharing, desktop screen sharing and media upload and teachers have a wealth of tools at their fingertips to engage students effectively.


Live stream lectures and classes

Whether you’re streaming a lecture to thousands of students or facilitating breakout groups, Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform gives teachers and professors the tools they need to teach effectively and scale seamlessly to accommodate larger class sizes.

Live stream with ultra-low latency to up to a million students, while enabling real-time interaction between teachers and studentsand among students themselves.

You can also combine the virtual lecture hall with the small breakout groups to provide an opportunity for small-group discussions in the context of a larger educational context.


Bring trained teachers to remote locations

Every child deserves a quality education and Agora can help overcome barriers in remote areas where experienced teachers aren’t available. With our platform, you can create hybrid classrooms that bring experienced teachers virtually to remote communities, where an aide in the physical space can offer in-person support to each student.

Guest speakers can share their expertise with students anywhere in the world, using virtual white boards, screen sharing, and other tools to provide rich learning experiences.

Agora’s global SD-RTN™ network is designed to reach the critical last mile while our SDKs and technology are mobile-optimized, ensuring the highest quality and reduced power consumption on mobile devices.


Create an AI-powered interactive classroom

Let AI-powered technology free up human teachers to do the things that require personal engagement.

With Agora’s AI Interactive Classroom, teachers can simultaneously assist multiple students using pre-recorded lessons while the system generates quizzes to assess student comprehension.

This saves organizations money while still ensuring students learn.



Virtual Schooling Can Be Fun and Interactive

With Agora, you get a reliable network and high-quality voice and video—plus communication tools and features to make learning fun!

Engaging classroom tools

Fun options keep students excited to interact. Agora’s RTE Platform includes voice effects from sound mixing to reverb —and the ability to include local background sound and sound effects.

With AR facial masks and filtering, students can even play with their physical appearances.

Teachers can record sessions locally or on the cloud and make them available to students or other educators for later review.

Full functionality

Agora provides the tools you need to keep students engaged. Educators can use a fully functional interactive whiteboard that supports annotation, screen sharing, dynamic document sharing, and more.

Our RTE Platform enables real-time messaging features including emojis and virtual gifting, and lets you monitor channel status in real time.

Our SD-RTN™ enables both local and server-side RTMP conversion for seamless integration with CDN services.

Outstanding video and audio quality

Agora’s SD-RTN™ provides a consistent high-quality experience so students can see and hear every detail of a lesson. Our SOLO™ and NOVA™ audio codecs ensure natural audio reproduction.

Advanced in-house algorithms provide adaptive resolution, while immediate initial video rendering and seamless channel switching provide a reliable stream without delay, against even the most challenging network conditions.

AI-powered services

Take advantage of smart algorithms to improve the quality of engagement while reducing the need for human intervention.

Agora’s AI interactive classroom lets educators create a lesson once and use it multiple times, serving many students simultaneously.

Use Agora’s adaptive noise cancelation to filter out ambient or unwanted noise so that voices come through crystal clear.

Try Agora Cloud Class

This app demonstrates a high-quality real-time audio and video experience with ultra-low delay–a perfect solution for online classrooms that need features like interactive whiteboards and messaging.

* This app is for demo purposes only.

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