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Intensify Gaming with Real-Time Engagement

Add video, voice, and messaging to any gaming app and create engaging social experiences that connect players and keep them coming back.

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  • Mobile is massive: 85% of gamers play online or mobile games while on the move.
  • Performance is key: 70% of gamers will switch games if response times are slow.
  • Gaming is social: 56% of frequent gamers play multiplayer games.
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Transform games into social platforms with in-game audio, video, and live broadcasting.

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Diversify the in-game experience with virtual gifting, bidding and merchandising.

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Improve game performance by using analytics to make informed optimization decisions.

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Maximize revenue opportunities and market share by shrinking your time-to-market.

Agora helps create an exceptional in-game experience

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Fast, Easy, Flexible Development

Use our fully customizable SDKs, pre-integrated third-party extensions, and low code and no code tools to quickly and easily create compelling social gaming experiences that will connect, engage, and captivate your users.

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Optimized for Exceptional Gaming

Our intelligent network monitors routing in real-time, providing extremely low latency for faster, more responsive in-game communication. Immediate initial video rendering, adaptive video resolution, and seamless channel switching optimize your players’ experience, even under the most challenging network conditions.  

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Scalable, Reliable, Global Delivery

Agora’s intelligent network architecture automatically scales to meet global audience demand, with coverage for 200+ countries and regions. Our industry-leading 99.99% uptime/400ms average global latency provide the reliability and speed your customers need.

Use Cases

Engaged gamers are active gamers

Agora provides everything you need to build engaging social gaming environments.

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Social Gaming

Playing a beautifully designed game is exciting and fun, but the ability to play it alongside friends, rivals, or new acquaintances is what keeps your gamers engaged and coming back for more. 

With Agora you can embed voice or video chat into your game so players can see each other’s reactions, cheer each other on, and socialize while they play, creating a more engaging and memorable gaming experience.  With support for mobile, web, and desktop apps, you can maximize your reach and your revenue opportunities. 

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In-Game Voice

Competitive games are more fun when players are able to hear each other. Whether it’s coordinating with teammates or competing with a clan, nothing beats calling out to other players over an open voice channel.  

Agora’s voice SDK (Software Development Kit) is optimized for real-time voice communications so players can converse without delays or audio glitches.  By consuming 20% lower CPU, storage, and battery resources than the industry average, Agora ensures a great audio experience without impacting performance. 

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Live Interactive Streaming

Create buzz and excitement in live events with real-time streaming. 

Agora’s live interactive streaming capabilities enable you to integrate video chat, invite live voice or video calls from fans, incorporate stats into the stream, sell merchandise, and support virtual gifting. This provides a great way to enhance eSports apps and interactive games, or create more engaging online gaming league experiences. 

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“With Agora, you get 20-30 video/audio profiles and scenarios with the ability to choose accordingly to your use case. Agora’s option to choose the lowest video profile to reduce impact on the device and latency was a game changer.”

Jason Liang, Co-Founder and CTO, Bunch

Amazing developer tools
create amazing game experiences

Craft the next generation of games with Agora’s Voice, Video, Live Streaming, and Messaging cross-platform SDKs, Extensions Marketplace, Low-Code and No-Code Tools.

Play longer

Low power consumption helps reduce mobile device battery drain so your players can play longer.

Amazing audio effects

Enhance the gaming experience with the ability to stream background music, use voice changers, and add  sound effects with options for sound mixing and reverb.

Hear all around you

3-D Spatial Audio allows players to locate each other with sound, using proximity-based sensing to determine another player’s distance and position.

Be anybody

Augmented Reality (AR) facial masks and filtering allow players to customize their physical appearance to fit their role in the game or to match their mood.

Agora supports

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“We were very pleased with the quality of Agora’s interactive live streaming features. They met all of our tech requirements and provided exceptional expertise and support.”


Learn how to leverage real-time engagement to create compelling gaming experiences.

Our team is here to walk you through the future of gaming.