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Agora’s Real-Time Voice, Video, 3D Spatial Audio, and Live Interactive Streaming turn your multi-player game into a social platform.


Play Together. Compete in Teams. Stream Live.

Whether you’re building an app for casual gamers or intense competitions, real-time messaging, audio, and video can boost engagement—increasing loyalty, stickiness, and revenue opportunities.

Social gaming
In-game voice
Live interactive streaming

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Create shared memories through games

People enjoy not just playing games, but the social aspect of participating in games with friends, rivals, or new acquaintances.

With Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform, you can embed voice or video chat so that players can see each other’s reactions, cheer each other on, and socialize while they play games and create memories together.

And they can do this all seamlessly across mobile, web and desktop apps because Agora’s SDKs support all major platforms.


Give players the gift of gab

Competitive games are more fun when players are able to hear each other. Whether it’s coordinating with teammates or competing with a clan, nothing beats calling out to other players over an open voice channel. 

Agora’s Voice SDK is optimized for real-time strategizing so players can make plans without delays or audio glitches. 

Without affecting the quality, Agora’s Mini SDK Package consumes 20% lower CPU, storage, and battery resources than the industry average.


Take the action to the audience

Create buzz and excitement in live events with real-time audience interaction. 

Agora’s live interactive streaming capabilities work equally well for local or international audiences. You can integrate video chat, invite live voice or video calls from fans, incorporate stats into the stream, sell merchandise, and include virtual gifting opportunities for the audience. 

Whether you’re sharing the action of esports, hosting gaming leagues, or challenging players in trivia games, Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform provides great, consistent audio and video quality.



Endless Possibilities for Game Developers

With Agora’s cross-platform SDKs and support for Unity, Unreal Engine, and Cocos, the future of interactive gaming is at your fingertips.

3-D spatial audio

With Agora’s 3-D Spatial Audio players can locate each other by sound, using proximity-based sensing to determine another player’s distance and position—just like you would in the real world.

Optimized for mobility

Agora boasts extreme low latency experiences for fast-paced games with lightning-fast sub-second edge-to-edge transmission. Additionally, our low power consumption is designed to reduce mobile device battery drain without sacrificing quality for maximum high-quality game time.

Outstanding audio & video quality

Agora’s SD-RTN™ provides a consistent, high-quality experience so players can focus on the game and inter-player interactions. Our SOLO™ and NOVA™ audio codecs ensure natural audio reproduction.

Advanced in-house algorithms provide adaptive video resolution, while immediate initial video rendering and seamless channel switching provide a reliable stream without delay, against even the most challenging network conditions.

Full functionality

Agora gives you the best of both worlds: more functionality than CDN services and affordable pricing.

Our RTE Platform provides cross-channel co-hosting, enables real-time messaging features, and lets you monitor channel status in real time. 

Record multiple streams locally or on the cloud, controlling the audio and video quality as well as the recording layout.

Our SD-RTN™ enables both local and server-side RTMP conversion for seamless integration with CDN services.

Fun and engaging effects

Let players express themselves with fun, creative options that keep them engaged. Agora’s RTE Platform includes voice effects—from sound mixing to reverb—and the ability to stream background music, and to include local ambient sound and sound effects.

With AR facial masks and filtering, players can customize their physical appearance to fit their role in the game or to match their mood.

AI-powered services

Take advantage of smart algorithms to improve the quality of engagement while reducing the need for human intervention.

Use Agora’s adaptive noise cancelation to filter out ambient or unwanted noise so that voices come through crystal clear.


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Powerful interactive group video chat with family and friends while playing games.

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