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Metaverse Solutions

Simplifying access to the metaverse for everyone

Agora’s award-winning real-time engagement (RTE) platform bridges the gap between limitless virtual and physical worlds, delivering metaverse connectivity from one-to-one to one-to-many using any device. 

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Limitless virtual worlds for your business to explore

Agora’s metaverse solutions give you the building blocks to create branded virtual worlds at any scale, with a diverse toolset that works reliably across the globe and across any industry vertical such as gaming, enterprise, collaboration, education, and many more. 

  • The global AR, VR, and MR market will reach approximately $300 billion by 2024
  • There will be 1.1 billion mobile AR users worldwide in 2022 
  • By 2024, there will be over 34 million VR headset installations worldwide

Agora is the only Real-Time Engagement Choice for the Metaverse

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Optimized for the Metaverse

With built-in support for AR, VR, 4K video and 3D Spatial Audio, you can create truly immersive experiences that bridge the virtual and real world. Our intelligent network monitors routing in real-time, providing optimal performance, even under the most challenging network conditions.

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Developer friendly

Agora supports the most popular developer platforms for building metaverse experiences, including Unity. We made it super easy for developers to integrate our APIs into their metaverse applications.

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Protect Your Users

Authenticate users to prevent unwanted intruders. Protect transmitted data with industry-leading security. Confine your interactive streaming traffic within selected regions to meet regulatory requirements and identify and remove inappropriate content with our content moderation solutions.

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“The Agora RTE solution is the platform needed to bridge the virtual and physical world, providing everyone a unique view into what’s happening within the virtual world and be able to interact with it. Its ease of use is an important piece of our innovation puzzle in creating meaningful human connections.



“Agora not only allows us to seamlessly integrate interactive voice and video with our proprietary AR, but provides a reliable, robust and low-latency network for engagement.”


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“With Agora, you get 20-30 video/audio profiles and scenarios with the ability to choose accordingly to your use case. Agora’s option to choose the lowest video profile to reduce impact on the device and latency was a game changer.


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“We are excited that Agora is helping Tribe realize our mission to help everyone around the world to learn and perform music in a simulated DJ experience using VR. Users can upload their own music and perform on platforms like Twitch, YouTube and through integrations with other metaverses.”


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“Agora has been invaluable as we build Ronday’s new connection and collaboration platform. Agora’s ease of integration and excellent documentation helped us get up and running very quickly and, as we grew into a live services platform, Agora’s reliability has been exceptional – we’ve never experienced a single outage!”


Use Cases

The Metaverse opportunities are endless

Agora provides everything you need to build engaging and delightful environments.

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Workplace Collaboration

Innovative workplace solution providers like Ronday are crafting immersive collaboration spaces that offer a sense of connection, presence, and community that elevates the experience of working alongside colleagues virtually, giving teammates a more intuitive and familiar way to communicate and work together. These collaborative spaces can be customized to meet your customer’s needs with custom layouts, public and private rooms, screen sharing, and whiteboarding. 

See how HTC’s VIVE Sync VR app leverages Agora’s real-time streaming to connect the virtual and physical worlds here.

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Enterprise Training platforms that build training and learning activities are embracing the Metaverse experience to help them gamify the learning experience to increase engagement. These are also platforms that create immersive (AR/VR) training experiences for mission-critical job functions, providing simulations of real-world scenarios that teach learners to function in environments that may be too complex or even too dangerous to recreate in real-world classrooms. 

Tribe XR creates a virtual world where DJs and music producers can practice, play and perform for digital audiences. Watch the video!  

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Gamers have been the pioneers of the Metaverse, with Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortinet providing early examples of what’s possible. As software platforms become more robust and VR equipment continue to evolve, they will create massive opportunities for developers to build amazing worlds that offer the next, great immersive Metaverse gaming experience. 

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Innovative artists have begun to host live Metaverse performances with the ability to reach massive global audiences while creating opportunities for profitable sponsorships. Examples include Fortnite’s recently hosting of a performance by rap artist Travis Scott and Minecraft’s hosting of a music festival featuring Massive Attack. 

VirBELA is building virtual environments for clients around the world. 

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The Metaverse has the potential to transform online shopping from offering static views of merchandise to immersive experiences that enable shoppers to model clothing to find their “look,” select furniture and move it around the room to visualize how it will look in their home, or walk around a vehicle they are considering buying, sit in the driver’s seat, and experiment with the controls.  

The tools you need to build immersive, engaging Metaverse experiences

Quickly and easily build your Metaverse applications with our cross-platform Voice, Video, Live Streaming, and Messaging SDKs, Extensions Marketplace, Low-Code and No-Code Tools and AR/VR and 4K video support.

Hear everything around you

3D Spatial Audio allows Metaverse users to locate each other with sound, using proximity-based sensing to determine each other’s distance and position

Be who you want to be

Augmented Reality (AR) facial masks and filtering allow users to customize their physical appearance to fit their role in the Metaverse or to match their mood.

Make your voice resonate

Customize your voice with a wide range of voice effects, including real-time voice changing and custom sound effects.

Keep it clean

Use content moderation to monitor, flag. and remove inappropriate and offensive content like nudity, violence, and hate imagery.

Experience Agora’s Metaverse solutions in action.