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The future of work is embedded communication and collaboration

Make it easier for your users to connect and collaborate by integrating real-time video, voice, and messaging into your applications with Agora’s enterprise collaboration solutions.

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The future of work is here, creating new challenges and amazing opportunities to build new enterprise collaboration software that supports the evolving ways we collaborate.

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Work is not a place, it’s an activity

Hybrid models that embrace remote work are just as productive while giving workers more flexibility.

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Processes must evolve to support remote work

The next generation of business tools for enterprise collaboration must be designed for seamless communication, engagement, and access.

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Communication and collaboration get embedded

Embedding communications directly into business applications provides streamlined collaboration with shared context.

The future is mobile and cloud-based

The ubiquity, portability, and flexibility of mobile makes it the platform of choice for remote work, requiring a mobile-first, cloud-oriented mindset.

Agora powers the next generation of business applications

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Fast, easy development

Integrate real-time voice, video, messaging, and live streaming so users can communicate and collaborate seamlessly from within your applications. Agora makes the process quick and easy with flexible SDKs (Software Development Kits), customizable UIKits (User Interface Kits), and pre-integrated third-party extensions.

Global scalability

Agora’s intelligent network enterprise collaboration architecture covers 200+ countries and regions and automatically scales to meet audience demand. Our industry-leading 99.99% uptime/400ms average global latency provides the reliability and speed your customers want and expect, even under the most challenging network conditions.

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Customizable solutions

Agora’s comprehensive set of APIs, pre-built extensions, and low-code and no-code tools makes it easy to meet your customers’ needs. With over 8 years of global best practices and a highly skilled support organization, Agora can help your enterprise collaboration system build the next great productivity app or make your existing products more engaging.

Building blocks for the future of work

Real-time communication

  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Chat
  • Extensions marketplace

Collaboration tools

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Annotation tools
  • View and authoring control
  • Interactive media and animation

Live events and learning

  • Interactive live streaming
  • Content moderation
  • Recording
  • Classroom tools


  • Live usage & quality statistics
  • Automated alert notifications
  • AI-powered data insights

Use Cases

Boost productivity and connection

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Embedded real-time communication for workplace applications

Embed voice or video chat into your app so users can quickly and easily collaborate, share information, and solve problems, all within your application. By providing these enterprise RTC services in-app, you eliminate the need for users to depend on generic web conferencing tools for communication, enhancing productivity.

Immersive environments for learning and collaboration

Build the next generation of immersive business environments leveraging Agora’s Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR) capabilities built into our enterprise video chat and voice SDKs. Connect the physical and virtual worlds and enable seamless communication and collaboration with other users in the metaverse.

Live events re-imagined

Create the next-generation of live events software to support hybrid and remote-only conferences, meetings, and more. Serve any size of audience, from highly interactive small training classes to massive broadcast events with audiences numbering in the millions, all on Agora’s secure, reliable, network.

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“Since our launch in April, we have seen more than 50X growth in our user base. Agora’s Video SDK was critical in ensuring that we scaled seamlessly to the increased demand. Users frequently give us compliments about the high quality of the audio/video experience, and we have Agora to thank for that.”

Vivek Nair, Co-Founder, pesto

The cloud enterprise collaboration tools developers need to build the future of work

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Flexible SDKs

Easily add real-time voice, video, chat, and live-streaming to any experience.

Cross-platform support

Reach every customer with extensive support for platforms and devices.

White labeling

Create white-label offerings that reflect your brand and delight your customers.

Powerful pre-built extensions

Add sophisticated functionality with a click, from Bose noise filtering to content moderation.

The best real-time network

Give your global users the coverage, performance, scalability, and reliability they deserve.

Strategic and technical expertise

Get started efficiently with our 8+ years of best practices and skilled team of experts.

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“When evaluating other streaming platforms, we found that Agora was the most technically sophisticated and the most customizable solution available. Only Agora could achieve our vision to white label the video within Welcome; other platforms couldn’t do that well.”

Jerry Shen, Founder and President, Welcome

Discover how Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform can help you build the Future of Work.

Our team is here to help.