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Upduo makes peer coaching more engaging with reliable video calling from Agora.

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Upduo was founded to make best-in-class learning available to employees everywhere. The workplace tool enables team members to share best practices, skills, and knowledge through peer-to-peer coaching. Using science-backed and proven methodology, Upduo facilitates skill development and ultimately boosts key business metrics.

Upduo enables personalized learning journeys through one-to-one video conferencing with on-screen prompts and interactive features. The key benefits of Upduo are continuous personal development for employees and the creation of a growth-focused workplace culture.

“Upduo’s deeply human learning interactions are only made possible by high-quality live video and real-time engagement.”


The Power of Real-Time Engagement

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Upduo stands out from other peer coaching platforms by focusing on both personal and business growth. The Upduo platform assesses knowledge gaps based on individual competencies and matches employees together to promote mutual growth. Other innovative features include on-screen prompts to guide intentional coaching and performance tracking to encourage mastery.

Real-time engagement is crucial to successful workplace peer learning. If people are disengaged, they won’t learn or pass on their skills effectively. Upduo matches people together for one-to-one coaching sessions and provides ‘flashcard’ prompts during video chats to guide the conversation, keeping it focused on development and growth.

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Stability and reliability for enterprise users

After trying other RTC video providers, Upduo optimized their in-app call quality with Agora’s superior network infrastructure. Additionally, many of Upduo’s major enterprise clients require static IP addresses assigned to each individual user on the platform, which Agora’s Cloud Proxy service was well placed to provide.

Upduo saw a surge in customer satisfaction after implementing Agora for video calls, with app store ratings reaching an all time high. Session completion stats increased by 10.5% over the two month period after implementation. The resulting improved quality of video calls has meant that an increasing number of major enterprise clients have joined the platform or shown an interest.

“Agora checked all of the boxes to help us improve the in-call experience, connectivity, and overall call reliability.”


Upduo, CTO, Wei Sun

“Agora delivered top-quality network infrastructure, fantastic engineering support, powerful features, and easy-to-use call analysis tools.”


Pricing that scales with your business

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