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Media and entertainment Solutions

Make your media social—without losing your audience to social media 

Give your audience rich social and second-screen experiences directly in your own apps.

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Build a more engaging entertainment destination

Stop losing eyeballs to social media. Make your app the destination for your fans with interactive live content featuring immersive audio and video with native social interactions. Open up new possibilities for monetization with exclusive access, virtual tipping, and live shopping overlays.

Media & entertainment brands are investing in more live, digital content

The future of live media

Create a profitable community around your content with engaging and interactive live broadcasting

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Ingest: Live stream from anywhere  

Ingest live audio and video from any location worldwide, unconstrained by local network conditions. Enable production teams to shoot live content anywhere or capitalize on the lower cost of user generated content.

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Engage: Make your user experience interactive

Encourage stickiness with an interactive experience, elevating live content and breathing new life into existing media. Enable social interactions directly on your platform to reduce attention to social media. 

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Monetize: Boost audience-facing revenue

Capitalize on new forms of monetization ranging from live shopping to exclusive interactive virtual events. Enable micro-transactions like virtual tipping or early content access to expand consumer-facing revenue.

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Distribute: Reach a global audience

Remove the limitations of CDNs to deliver the live content in the highest quality without latency. Agora’s global edge network allows you to reach your audience worldwide, unconstrained resource-intensive points of presence (POPs).

Trusted around the world

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“Agora’s Interactive Live Streaming helps make it possible for us to create great solutions that are a fit for any industry including news, entertainment media, sports, corporate, and more.”


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“With the Agora App Builder, we transitioned our codebase quickly and were able to manage many customizations easily. It has been an extremely cost-effective solution.”


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“Our audience engagement platform utilizes video and text chat, gamification, leaderboards and other features. With Agora, we went live in six weeks and easily added voice and video to the platform to maximize ROI for our partners.”


Your complete audience engagement toolkit 

Immersive Audio

  • AI noise suppression
  • 3D spatial audio
  • HD audio support


  • Live usage & quality statistics  
  • Automated alert notifications  
  • AI-powered data insights  
  • Dashboard to monitor all active sessions 

Moderation and Transcription

  • AI-powered moderation for brand safety
  • Real-time, multi-language transcription
  • Instant closed captioning for live video
  • Rich mineable dataset

Interactive Live Streaming

  • One-to-many high quality at scale
  • Lower latency alternative to CDN
  • Optional audience interaction (chat, voice, or video)

Use Cases

Engage Audiences. Drive Monetization.

With Agora, you can deliver innovative experiences around events of all types and sizes.

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Live Concerts

Sell virtual concert tickets to home viewers and add virtual fan walls. Increase fan excitement by streaming multiple camera angles. Add value and social engagement to VIP tickets with private online concerts and virtual artist meetups.  Enable new revenue streams for artists with virtual tipping. Support new immersive experiences with augmented or extended reality and spatial audio.

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Create a mobile-friendly video ingest app to enable citizen journalism and never miss a breaking news story again. Conduct remote guest interviews even in demanding low-bandwidth environments with Agora’s global network providing ultra-low video latency and fewer packet loss errors.  Optimize the sound quality of user-generated live streams with AI noise suppression. 

A smartphone sits on a tripod and records a person holding up and displaying a red shirt.

Live Shopping

Seamlessly integrate live shopping into any live broadcast. Present items in an interactive overlay on a live stream or add a compelling live shopping experience to your static online store. 

A woman and man playing tennis with screens on left to purchase sporting gear

Sports Events

Add more value to your apps by enabling real-time interaction between fans and sportscasters, athletes, and influencers. Incorporate live chat, podcasts, data overlays, and live auctions of merchandise and memorabilia.  Stream more camera angles with ultra-low latency. Keep the fan conversation going in your space with fan communities rather than driving to 3rd party social media apps. 

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Reach global audiences with ultra-low latency live streaming that enables audience interaction.  Scale for millions.  Create connected TV apps with real-time engagement functionality for live trivia, shopping, subscription-based VIP live streams and fan chat sessions.

Experience the future of your entertainment and media business.

Get a guided tour through your real-time engagement toolbox.