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Media and Entertainment Solutions

Make media social—without sending your audience to social media

Maximize monetization, deepen involvement, and increase stickiness for media and entertainment content with real-time engagement. Give your audience rich social and second-screen experiences—from within your own branded environment.

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Reversing the flow of social media

Media and entertainment companies often market on eyeball destinations like TikTok and Instagram to reach viewers—but can’t offer the deep social engagement they crave. By adding a social layer to your application and website, you can reverse that trend and bring the audience from social media to you.  

The future of your media

Create a profitable community around your content

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Capitalize on your audience

Media monetization doesn’t have to be limited to subscription and ad-supported models. Agora adds a social layer to your content to enable virtual tipping, trivia, shopping, betting, and other real-time transactions.

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Enable your audience to create community

The fragmentation of modern social and family life leaves people yearning for connection. Agora lets your audience share content and experiences with others—and become content creators for your platform and brand.

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Connect to the target demographic

As traditional broadcast outlets and OTT skew older and environments like TikTok transform media, Agora helps you attract millennials and Gen Z with the interactive, sharable, short-form content experiences they love.

The media transformation partner of choice

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“Agora’s Interactive Live Streaming helps make it possible for us to create great solutions that are a fit for any industry including news, entertainment media, sports, corporate, and more.”


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“Agora’s low-latency and highly scalable network has been critical to our success. It has enabled us to offer elastic experiences that can grow from two people to two hundred thousand—all in the same virtual space.”


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“With the Agora App Builder, we transitioned our codebase quickly and were able to manage many customizations easily. It has been an extremely cost-effective solution.”


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“Our audience engagement platform utilizes video and text chat, gamification, leaderboards and other features. With Agora, we went live in six weeks and easily added voice and video to the platform to maximize ROI for our partners.”


Your complete media socialization toolkit

Next Generation Video Experience

  • True second-screen  
  • Customized data overlay 
  • Social interaction
  • Edutainment features
  • Real-time transactions

Moderation and Translation

  • AI-powered moderation for brand safety 
  • Full translation for internationalization 
  • Real-Time transcription 
  • Create a rich mineable dataset 
  • Generate calls to action based on transcripts 


  • Live usage & quality statistics 
  • Automated alert notifications 
  • AI-powered data insights 

Immersive Interactive Livecasting

  • HQ stereo music 
  • 3D spatial audio 
  • Full immersion in the audio metaverse

Use Cases

Engage Audiences. Drive Monetization.

With Agora, you can deliver innovative experiences around events of all types and sizes.

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Live Concerts

Increase engagement and extend your reach beyond the live venue with a virtual/hybrid concert that places the audience in the event space via a Fan Wall. Offer augmented or extended reality for a level of immersion beyond a co-watching party. Enable virtual tipping for a new way to monetize.

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Enable citizen journalism and never miss a breaking news story again. Monitor and control your on-location remote production. Orchestrate your guest interviews virtually in the cloud, in real-time.

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Sports Events

Extend the reach of your audience beyond the main broadcast event with a pre-game/post-game virtual tailgate party. Enable an enhanced viewer experience with in-game app features like multi-camera angles, data overlay, connections with superfans, and sports celebrity appearances.

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Deepen viewer involvement, capitalize on fan enthusiasts, and sustain impressions with real-time engagement and user interactions. Add live trivia and reward superfans for their depth of knowledge. Take monetization beyond subscriptions and ad revenue with live shopping.

Experience the future of your entertainment and media business.

Get a guided tour through your real-time engagement toolbox.