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Accelerate Sales with Live Shopping

Reimagine eCommerce with live shopping to increase relatability, excitement, and revenue.

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Engage Social Shoppers.
Stream Live Auctions.
Boost Upsell and Cross-Sell.

Bring your marketplace to life with human interaction. Decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase cross-sell by encouraging customers to socialize with each other and influencers to purchase an entire look, find seasonal necessities, get expert advice, and more.

According to McKinsey & Company, live-commerce-initiated sales could account for 20 percent of all e-commerce by 2026.

The live streaming shopping market in the US is estimated to be worth $35 billion by 2024.

Built for Live Shopping

Open new forms of consumer-facing revenue with live online shopping

Two women in a live stream

Enable Real-Time Shopper Engagement At Scale

Reach highly engaged viewers in real-time with shoppable live streams. Agora’s scalable global network enables you to live stream shopping events to millions of people anywhere in the world, on any device with confidence.

A man holding shoes towards a video camera

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment 

Today, static images on product pages are not enough to drive shoppers to make decisions and complete orders. Empower content creators in your marketplace to make human connections with live video and chat to increase sale completion.

A woman holding makeup with a mobile device

Streamline Social Shopping

Empower the new creator economy on your marketplace. Support thousands of live streams every day with real-time bidding and auctions. Enhance audience interaction with content moderation and cloud recording for real customer testimonials.

Trusted around the world

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“Partnering with Agora has been the best decision for the journey of ShopOut, from a mere idea to a live app today. The Agora team has supported and guided us beyond just the platform and have shared their collective experience in the Video Commerce space.”

Yogesh Bhalerao, Director & Founder, ShopOut

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“Agora enables our seamless live shopping experience, by providing crystal clear video and voice with minimum latency and real-time messaging. 80% of our users preferred Abby’s experience over Instagram Live.”


Create interactive live streaming eCommerce experiences with ease

Live Streaming Shopping

  • Ultra-low latency
  • Global reach
  • Scaling to 1M+ users
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Video captioning
  • Cloud recording

Real-Time Signaling

  • Real-time synced data
  • Live bidding in real time
  • Social chat
  • Synchronous metadata

Audience Engagement

  • Co-live streaming
  • Reaction emojis
  • Instant polling
  • Open audience microphones

Content Moderation

  • Real-time transcription
  • Video, chat, and audio moderation
  • Custom filters

Use Cases

Delight Audiences with Fast, Hyper-Engaging Live Shopping

A woman holding a dress in a live auction

Live Auctions

Shorten the distance between talented influencers and completed sale transactions.  Give content creators easy tools to showcase specialties or high-value items and create urgency-enabled “buy it now” moments with live bidding.

Ultra-low latency live video shopping and real-time synced data ensure audience bids and social interaction are natural and trusted.

A man holding a plant in front of a laptop

Shoppable Live Streams

Whether you’re showing new cosmetics and makeup techniques, the latest in athletic clothing, or tools to bake the perfect cupcake—spread the word live.

Let hosts use interactive live streams to create an immersive environment, such as a dinner party with fancy outfits and décor to showcase products in a believable setting.  Add audience chat, polling and controls to allow customers to talk in real-time.

A woman talking with a headset on a laptop

Personal Shoppers & Shop Together

Socialize buying decisions with one-on-one or one-to-few sessions on how to accessorize with a personal shopper.

For example, a personal shopper can conduct a live video call with a customer to suggest clothing items and ways to wear them for a special occasion. Alternately, a group video chat allows a mother not to miss her daughter’s wedding fitting.

A woman interacting with a phone

Video Chat Customer Service

Allow customers to talk to an expert over video to simplify communication and customer service questions.

Resolve issues or take orders in real time, without worrying about connection issues. Ensure high quality and reliable connections with customers around the world and on any device and platform.

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