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Add real-time audio & video engagement to smart devices 

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Enable live voice and video streams on IoT devices

Agora’s IoT SDK provides high-reliability, low-latency, and cost-effective RTC services for global IoT devices.

Optimize RTC performance

Full-stack end-to-end solution designed for embedded systems on low-power IoT devices and companion apps—compatible with mainstream chipsets and operating systems.

Deploy globally

Enable region agnostic IoT solutions with Agora’s globally deployed network so you can sell and ship IoT devices anywhere in the world without worrying about usability.

Reduce costs

IoT SDK’s license-based billing plan is more cost-effective than billing by minutes. The price does not change based on device usage by the end user.


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Highly integrated

IoT SDK integrates both RTC services and signalling services so you can easily develop features like live streaming and remote control at the same time.

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Lightweight design

Designed for low-resource embedded systems, IoT SDK has a small package footprint as low as 400kb, so you don’t have to worry about system resource usage.

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Low power consumption

Based on low hardware requirements (CPU, memory, etc.), IoT SDK works well with battery-powered devices like video doorbells.

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IoT SDK is compatible with WebRTC, and developers can build apps across platforms like mobile, PC, web, and smart displays (e.g., Amazon Alexa), without plugins, while supporting a wide range of chipsets and operating systems.

Reliable, excellent performance even in poor network conditions 

With end-to-end algorithmic network optimization, IoT SDK provides smooth live streaming even in weak network environments. Say goodbye to frozen video streams.

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Interoperable with RTC full platform

IoT SDK is interoperable with Agora’s full real-time platform so you can easily build up the companion apps on iOS, Android, or any other platform.

Made for smart device developers.

Agora’s IoT SDK makes it easy to enable your IoT products with global real-time streaming. 

Use Cases

Innovate with Agora – the possibilities are endless

A man wearing a backwards baseball hat with a backpack facing the glass front of an office building ringing the doorbell with his right index finger

Video Doorbells 

Highly interactive devices like video doorbells and baby monitors need fast connection, low latency, weak network confrontation and low power consumption. Agora delivers with its ultra-low latency streaming service (as low as 400ms) on multiple hardware platforms and operating systems.

A man holding an ipad showing the security footage of 4 locations, to angles for the apartment hallway and two for the apartment stairwell

Home Security Cameras

With Agora’s streaming technology, users can expect ultra-low latency live video and high-quality 2-way audio even in weak network  environments. We support Multi-channel HD streams, with strong media stream and data stream synchronization and Hybrid cloud scenarios.

A young professional woman in an office sitting in front of a large computer monitor talking through a headset and mic

Remote Assistance

Improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency, of remote assistance scenarios while improving customer satisfaction and increasing business profitability.

A robotic arm operates a task


Providing real-time audio and video transmission and control services for remote robot control with the latency as low as 113ms.

A woman at home sitting on the couch browsing movie selections on her smart tv

Smart TVs

Integrating Agora’s IoT SDK with Smart TVs provides the ability to offer high performance video up to 4K and immersive 3D spatial audio ensuring viewers get an optimum experience. The SDK also supports cross platform calling, between Smart TVs and watches.

A young boy in a classroom environment with a VR headset on with his fingers pointing out in front of him while other student study on computers behind him

XR/VR Glasses

Enables live, interactive video, real-time screen sharing, 3D virtual spaces, and other virtual simulations.  With Agora‘s streaming technology, VR and non-VR users can connect within an existing application using our SDKs. We deliver a full spectrum of human-to-human interactivity—from 1-to-1 to millions of concurrent users—to fit your every need. 

Boost your IoT products’ RTC experience today with Agora IoT SDK.

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