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AI Noise Suppression

Reduce background noise for real-time audio and video.

Man on a video call using AI Noise Suppression to filter out background noise from a dog, a child, and construction.

Provide enhanced audio clarity, even in loud locations

Agora’s AI Noise Suppression removes unwanted noise and echoes from calls, allowing users to stream, chat, or call wherever they are.

A woman listening to music on her headphones

Ensure distraction-free communication

Let your users focus on work, learning, or gaming by reducing unwanted noise from voice chat or audio calls. Even seemingly innocuous background noise can impair our ability to concentrate.

A woman with a laptop and headphones in a presentation

Improve the quality of your broadcasts 

Enable your users to communicate with clarity by removing environmental noises from the channel, making participants feel like they are in the same room as the host. 

A man playing games on a computer with headphones

A more immersive audio experience 

Removing external noises such as keyboard and mouse clicks means your users can focus all their attention on their game, lesson, or meeting with less stress.


Noise reduction capabilities

Based on deep-learning models, AI Noise Suppression can remove >100 types of noise, such as keyboard clicks, fans, construction sounds, traffic noise, birds, vacuums, and crying babies.

Echo and reverberation free

Agora’s sound-processing technology removes reverberation and echoing from poor acoustic environments, allowing clear speech.

Easy to integrate

Integrate modular functions simply by calling an API with a click and a few lines of code. 

Low latency

Preserve the real-time experience with low latency, low power consumption, and efficient processing modes.

Cross-platform support

Agora’s AINS supports Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Unity, React Native, Flutter, Linux and Electron.

Global scalability

Scale from 1:1 to millions of users on the network that annually powers hundreds of billions of minutes of real-time video to users in over 200 countries and regions.

Made for developers

Enabling AI Noise Suppression only takes a few lines of code.

Supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web, Electron, React Native, Flutter, Unity, Linux

engine_ = createAgoraRtcEngine();  
engine_->joinChannel(yourToken, yourChannelId, yourInfo, yourUid);  

Use Cases

Remove distractions from your environment and be more productive.

A man in a virtual meeting on a computer with other people

Future of Work

Make meetings more productive by allowing participants to focus on the main speaker—not background noises

A woman using VR headsets


Remove the possibility of background noise ruining an immersive experience for your customers. 

A woman playing games on a computer with headphones


Eliminate distractions such as audio feedback and external noises from voice chat so you can focus on winning

A man in a livestreaming showcasing a product


Ensure a clear audio experience for the audience no matter where the host is broadcasting from. 

A man using his computer and headphones


Because sound influences how we think, reducing noise allows students to concentrate on learning.

A woman with headphones and a laptop

Media & Entertainment

Enable on-location live broadcasts and more immersive watch parties by reducing background noise.

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