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Record audio streams, video streams, and web pages for archive, review, or distribution. 

4 Men in a Video Call with Recording Enabled

Record interactive streaming with flexibility and control

Archive online video, voice calls, and web browser content in the cloud or on-premises with control over the format, path of storage, and quality.

Flexible recording options 

Record a variety of elements together into one video file, such as RTC video, online classroom or whiteboard, and chat messages so that everything is synchronized for the viewer.  

Easy to use and reliable

Easily embed recording using a RESTful API then integrate, test, and deploy it within 30 minutes. Recordings are automatically uploaded and backed up, so you can be sure you haven’t lost a minute.

Ensure security and safety

Enable content moderation, proxy services, LAN deployment, and more to meet data security requirements while keeping your users safe. Protect intellectual property with digital watermarks, including text, time stamps, images, and more. 

Options for: 

Cloud recording

Store, retrieve and share recordings in the cloud.

On-premise recording

Store on a local server for security and confidentiality.

Webpage recording

Record the entire web browser screen experience.


Recording icon

Single-stream or multi-stream recording 

Choose to record audio, video, and content streams separately, making it easier to edit, layer, repurpose, or combine video and content streams in a single recording.

Screenshots icon

Screenshots for moderation

Ensure participants adhere to the behavior defined in your user agreement by taking screenshots of a video stream in a channel with customizable screenshot intervals.

Custom Layout icon

Customizable layout 

Choose from several recorder UI templates or design your layout; graphic control is in your hands.

Recording Streams icon

Original streams processing

You can export the original audio, video and content streams to process or analyze in your chosen audio or video editor.

Recording Compatibility icon

Broad compatibility

Cloud recording supports third-party cloud storage, including Amazon S3, Alibaba, Tencent, Kingsoft, Qiniu, Microsoft Azure, Google, Huawei, and Baidu AI. 

Advanced Security icon

High reliability and security

Supports globally distributed cluster deployment and automatic cloud backup when third-party cloud storage fails with end-to-end security for calls, transmission, and storage.

Made for developers

Explore the documentation for our Recording APIs:

Use Cases

Adaptable recording and playback for any app 

Quickly adapt Agora’s Recording extension to your needs with specific solutions for online education, and live event recording.

Photo from an Event

Large scale social/entertainment live streaming 

Build up a hybrid interactive live streaming experience with active groups and large-scale audiences around the world. Use recording to capture the whole live streaming experience, including elements like chat and virtual gifting. 

A Woman on her laptop

Virtual events and webinars

Make your presentations more interactive and memorable by introducing external video/audio content into your event. Broadcast to large-scale audiences globally. Record the whole experience, including whiteboard, chat, courseware, virtual rewards and more for further review or training. 

A man using his computer and headphones

Online education 

Record classes for teacher evaluations or student review. 

Add recording to your app to review teacher performance, allow students to make up classes they missed, or allow students to review material before tests.

3 Customer Service agents on calls

Customer service

Give supervisors the ability to review any customer call. Embed a voice recorder in your app that will archive customer service conversations, making it easier to review performance and verify support records. 

A Patient with their doctor in a meeting


Make recordings of remote diagnoses and online medical consultations to enable patients to acquire medical resources in remote or inaccessible areas. 

Recordings can be used for training and as references for subsequent treatments. 

Add flexible recording to your app today 

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