Record live audio and video experiences to increase the lifetime of your content or for safety, monitoring, and compliance review

Agora’s Recording lets you capture and record audio and video experiences in the way that best meets your needs. You can record on the cloud or on-premise; record separate audio and video streams, multiple streams, or even uploaded files with the stream, using the layout you choose; and export the recorded streams, add watermarks, or use snapshots from them in real time for content moderation.

Online education
Content moderation
Customer service

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Record classes for teacher evaluations or student review.

Use Agora’s Recording product to make it easier to review teacher performance, allow students to make up classes they missed, or give students an opportunity to review material before tests.

Recording helps you keep video content safe.

While you may publish guidelines for behavior, it can be challenging to enforce them. Agora’s Recording takes snapshots every five seconds in social live streams and analyzes the snapshots to monitor video content in real time.

Record customer service interactions to monitor quality.

Supervisors can’t listen in on every call, and it can be challenging to determine whose perspective is accurate when conflicts arise. Recording customer service interactions creates archives to verify what was said, and makes it easier to review company representatives’ performance.

Bring the full conference experience online.

When it’s impractical or inconvenient for people to gather in a physical space, take the conference online.

Agora’s Real-Time Messaging lets you build conferencing apps that provide texting, whiteboarding, media file sharing, and all the other tools hosts, presenters, and attendees need to make the most of an event.

What’s more, RTM lets you monitor channel status, including the number of participants; provide active speaker control; and more.

Add call signaling to IoT devices.

Make the Internet of Things more interactive.

With Agora’s Real-Time Messaging, you can integrate signaling services for call invitations, bi-directional monitoring and messaging control between apps and devices like smart watches, home security cameras, and other IoT devices.


Agora’s Recording product gives you flexibility and control in recording online interactions

Flexible recording options

Single-stream recording

You can choose to record audio and video streams separately, making it easier to edit, layer, or repurpose each of them.

Multi-stream recording

Combine multiple audio streams, multiple video streams, or audio and video streams together in a single recording.

Customizable layout

Choose from templates for the layout of your multi-stream recording, or customize the layout for your needs.

Multi-sector recording

Record the whiteboard and uploaded files from an online classroom, video conference, or other event so that everything is synchronized for the viewer.

Original streams processing

You can export the original audio and video streams to process for further customized processing or analysis.

Security and safety

Content moderation

Ensure participants are adhering to the behavior defined in your user agreement. Agora’s Recording feature takes frequent snapshots during recording for integration into content moderation technology that analyzes the content in real time.

Proxy support

Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform supports proxy services so that users can access interactive and recording features from a secure local Intranet.

Local deployment support

You can deploy voice and video recording, transmission, and storage within a LAN, to take advantage of Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform while meeting restrictive data security requirements.


Protect your intellectual property with digital watermarks, including text, time stamps, static images, and other options.

Easy to use and reliable

Automatic backup

Agora customers have recorded over 10 billion minutes. Recordings are automatically uploaded and backed up so you can be sure you haven’t lost a minute.

Easy to embed

Agora’s Recording product is easy to embed using a RESTful API. You can integrate, test, and deploy it within 30 minutes.

Use-case-oriented solutions

Easily adapt Agora’s Recording product to your needs with specific solutions for online education, live event recording, and content moderation.


You get all the above plus the power of Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform

With an intelligent global network, optimizations for mobile devices, over 450 APIs, cross-platform SDKs, and developer-centric building blocks, why would you choose anyone else?


Made for developers

Connect to the Agora platform with only a few lines of code







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import AgoraRtcKit

agoraKit = AgoraRtcEngineKit.sharedEngine(withAppId: AppID, delegate: self)
agoraKit.joinChannel(byToken: Token, channelId: "demoChanne1", info:nil, uid:0)
import io.agora.rtc.RtcEngine;

mRtcEngine = RtcEngine.create(context, appid, eventHandler);
mRtcEngine.joinChannel(token, channelName, info, uid);
import AgoraRTC from 'agora-rtc-sdk';

let client = AgoraRTC.createClient(config);  client.init(appid);
let localStream = AgoraRTC.createStream(streamSpec)
client.join(token, channel, uid);"elementID");
using agora_gaming_rtc;

IRtcEngine mRtcEngine = IRtcEngine.getEngine(appId);
mmRtcEngine.JoinChannel(channel, null, 0);
VideoSurface remoteVideoSurface = go.AddComponent<VideoSurface> ();
import AgoraRtcEngine from 'agora-electron-sdk';

RtcEngine.joinChannel(token, channel, info, uid);
RtcEngine.setupRemoveVideo(uid, view, info, channel);
#include "IAgoraRtcEngine.h"

m_lpAgoraEngine = (IRtcEngine *)createAgoraRtcEngine();
int nRet = m_lpAgoraEngine->joinChannel(token, channelName, NULL, nUID);
int nRet = m_lpAgoraEngine->leaveChannel();

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