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Personalize conversations with live voice calls.

Live conversations improve in-app engagements, enhancing the fun and personalizing remote work.

Agora’s Voice Calling API lets you integrate high-quality, stutter-free interactive online voice chat into your app and makes it easy for you to add new features like voice effects and 360-degree surround sound, noise cancellation, and active-speaker recognition.

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Agora’s Voice Calling provides reliable, high-quality, real-time voice call capabilities that you can customize for your application.

Outstanding audio

Clear audio

The Agora Voice Calling SDK uses a 48 kHz sampling rate with full-sound bandwidth capture. It provides natural audio reproduction and ensures clear sound during the voice calls that matter most. Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform provides HD audio up to 192kbps (hardware limitations apply) supported by our in-house SOLO™ and NOVA™ audio codecs.

Background and surround sound

Include local background music, accompaniment, and sound effects along with voice for a more immersive user experience.

Seamless audio

Agora’s proprietary algorithms ensure consistent audio, free of stutters and jitters, even under challenging network conditions that may have up to 80% packet loss.

AI-powered noise cancellation

Using automatic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, automatic noise suppression, and an AI-powered noise cancellation algorithm, Agora’s platform adapts to variant acoustic conditions to remove ambient and distracting noises, ensuring voices come through crystal clear.

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Creative possibilities

Voice effects

Make in-app voice calls fun and engaging using a variety of voice APIs that can add a range of special effects. From sound mixing to sound reverb, users can change the way their voices sound to match their moods, characters they’re playing, or just satisfy a whim.

Surround sound

Agora expands the traditional left and right stereo channels to deliver an enveloping 360 degrees of sound. Users can adjust the positioning and distance of the channel to create more immersive gaming, virtual-reality, or augmented-reality experiences.

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Versatile controls

In-ear monitoring

Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform supports in-ear monitoring for mobile devices. Users can hear their own voices or voice effects in online KTV, live-streaming apps, and other apps where audio is important.

Active-speaker recognition

Agora’s AI algorithms analyze streaming data to identify and capture the active speaker.

Original streams processing

Export the original audio and video streams to process for other purposes.


Record live audio events on the cloud or on your premises. You control the audio format, path of storage, and voice quality.

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Why Agora

You get all the above plus the power of Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform

With an intelligent global network, optimizations for mobile devices, cross-platform SDKs, and developer-centric building blocks, why would you choose anyone else?


Made for developers

It only takes a few lines of code to connect to the Agora platform.
See the full list of supported platforms on our SDK downloads page.

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