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Live Voice Chat and Voice Calling SDK

Easily embed real-time voice chat into any application.

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Integrate voice calling into any online experience.

Embedding real-time audio chat within your application enables users to connect in more meaningful ways, from anywhere in the world.

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Create a fully customized live voice chat experience

Flexible cross-platform SDKs give you full control over the experiences you create so you can differentiate your live voice chat app.

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Eliminate lag and stutter

The world’s largest global real-time network provides ultra-low latency and intelligent routing to deliver the best streaming audio experience to your users, no matter where they are located.

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Add advanced audio enhancement features

Easily add audio enhancements like AI Noise Suppression and 3D Spatial Audio to provide an immersive voice experience. Use Real-Time Transcription to provide live audio captioning and transcription.


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Quality and clarity

Ensures optimal clarity with a 48 kHz sampling rate and full-sound bandwidth capture for HD audio quality up to 192kbps.

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Record live audio events in the cloud or on premises. You control the audio format, location for storage, and voice quality.

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Seamless audio

Agora’s proprietary algorithms ensure consistent high-quality audio, even under very challenging network conditions.

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AI-powered noise suppression 

Enable distraction free live streaming and conversations with AI Noise Suppression, the platform adapts to variant acoustic conditions to remove distractions.

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3D Spatial Audio 

Enable 3D Spatial Audio  to provide an immersive and natural audio experience that makes users feel like they are in the same room.

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Real-time transcription

Securely and accurately transcribe and record audio in real time and organize recordings and transcripts to speed up workflows.

Made for developers

It only takes a few lines of code to connect to Agora’s voice calling API.

See the full list of supported platforms on our SDK downloads page.

Use Cases

Real-time voice chat for any app

Agora’s Voice Calling API lets you integrate high-quality, stutter-free interactive online voice chat into your app and makes it easy to add new features like voice effects and 3D Spatial Audio, AI Noise Suppression, and active-speaker detection.

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Make social apps more impactful with live voice chat. Enable users to engage and interact with real-time voice communication. Agora’s global network ensures flawless experiences without disruptions or delays, regardless of user location.

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Enhance the gaming experience with voice chatting. Allow players to communicate seamlessly with teammates and opponents, strategize, and coordinate in real-time. Voice chat brings a dynamic and interactive element that enhances any multiplayer game.

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Make learning more accessible to students everywhere with virtual classrooms. Open up new opportunities for students worldwide by enabling live learning from any location— eliminating the barriers of physical distance.

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Future of Work

Seamlessly integrate voice chat to improve work efficiency. By incorporating real-time voice communication into business applications, teams can collaborate seamlessly, exchange ideas, and resolve issues more quickly.

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IoT devices

Incorporate real-time voice calling into IoT devices, such as smart watches, smart speakers, doorbell cameras, smart TVs, and more—bringing convenience and communication to a wide range of smart products.

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Create new revenue streams through live interactive shopping experiences with our voice APIs, unlocking untapped opportunities. Seamlessly integrate voice communication into your e-commerce platform, enabling customers to interact in real-time while making buying decisions.

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“Our audience engagement platform utilizes chat, gamification and other features. With Agora, we easily added voice and video to the platform to maximize ROI for our partners.”


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