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Chat SDK

Add customized messaging experiences to your real-time video and voice apps with Agora’s chat SDK.

Boost user engagement by adding chat to your RTC experience

Adding messaging to your app keeps your online users connected, informed, and engaged, improving overall in-app conversion and retention.

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Integrate messaging effortlessly

Build a truly immersive and engaging user experience with our web and mobile chat SDKs that work seamlessly with our video, voice, and streaming products.

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Safeguard your community

Protect users from unwanted profanity, offense, and inappropriate images or text with robust content moderation built in to the chat platform.

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Add chat extensions easily

Agora’s chat APIs provide the flexibility to integrate powerful and interactive 3rd party solutions so you can fully customize the chat experience for your users


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Rich media messages

Support emojis, GPS locations, structured messages, push notifications, and rich-media files with auto-generated thumbnails with Agora’s chat API service.

Scalable cross-platform messaging

Integrate chat signaling, one-to-one private chat, or feature-rich group chat at scale with our chat SDK for mobile and desktop.

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Message essentials

Allow offline messaging, message recall and delete, read receipts, presence and typing indicator, push notifications, and exporting chat history.

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Security and Compliance

Build a secure chat application with TLS/SSL and file encryption and ensure data privacy compliance by allowing users to erase their personal data.

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Message translation

Enable auto, on-demand, or push translation so your users can chat in their preferred language.

Made for developers

With Agora’s SDKs, sending a message only takes a few lines of code.

Use Cases

Add chat to any real-time communication use case

Agora’s platform offers flexible customization, ease of implementation, and reliable network quality to provide your users with an amazing messaging and chat experience.  

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Connect students, teachers, and parents by offering feature-rich messaging or chat as a service.

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Build an immersive in-game chat experience that engages and retains your gamers. 

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Future of Work

Never lose your community to 3rd party collaboration and messaging tools with our chat API for web.

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Optimize buyer experience and track packages with real-time GPS locations.

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Create a safe community and drive deeper connections with built-in moderation through our chat API for websites or native apps.

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Upgrade your remote care application with customizable and secure chat API service. 

Build your chat experience today