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3D Spatial Audio

 Add dynamic, immersive audio to your real-time experience

A man playing games on his mobile device with headphones

Deliver a more natural audio experience

Make your product stand out with Agora’s 3D Spatial Audio API that boosts user engagement.

Two women listening to music on their headphones using a mobile device

Deliver a more realistic audio experience

Replicate how we hear sound in the real world for a more natural experience that makes users feel like they are in the same room.

A woman in the picture controlling with her earphones

Integrate quickly and easily

Quickly make your user experience more immersive by activating Agora’s 3D Spatial Audio extension that works seamlessly with our video, voice, and streaming products.

A man playing games using a VR headset and controller

Give users the best audio quality

Allow your audience to hear deeper nuances of music and spoken word with superior audio that elevates the quality of the user’s entire experience.


Natural Listening icon

Natural listening experience 

Spatial Audio supports high-quality audio range, audio playback, background blur, air attenuation and more, perfectly simulating a natural listening experience.

High Fidelity icon

Highest fidelity 3D audio

Supports 48kHz full-band sampling and allows listeners to pinpoint both the direction and distance of a voice coming from the speaker.

Low Latency icon

Low latency

Low latency, low power consumption, and efficient processing modes preserve the real-time experience.

Cross Platform icon

Cross-platform support

Agora’s streaming 3D audio API has support for Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Unity, React Native, and Electron.

Global Scalability icon

Global scalability 

Scale from 1:1 to millions of users on the network that annually powers hundreds of billions of minutes of real-time video to users in over 200 countries and regions.

Made for developers

It only takes a few lines of code to connect to Agora’s 3D Spatial Audio

Agora provides open source sample projects on GitHub. You can go to download, or view the source code at:

Use Cases

3D Spatial Audio for an exceptional immersive sound experience

Power natural conversations with high-fidelity audio that make people feel like they’re in the same room.

A woman in a live video session

Live casting

Create a more personal environment, as if friends are sharing same physical space.

A man using his computer and headphones


Enrich the learning experience by making it more personal and memorable—as if the teacher is sitting next to the student.

A man in a virtual meeting on a computer with other people

Meetings/Conference Calls

Make meetings more effective and productive by allowing participants to focus on the main speaker—not side conversations.

A man listening to music on headphones

Music streaming

Provide a fully immersive experience allowing listeners to enjoy the nuances in every note.

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