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Signaling SDK

(previously Real-Time Messaging) 

Synchronize real-time application metadata via low-latency signaling using Agora’s global network.

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Introducing Signaling 2.1.11 for Native

New platforms are supported with enhancements that power Signaling & real-time metadata synchronization.

Synchronize metadata in your real-time applications

Agora’s Signaling SDK allows for real-time metadata synchronization and low-latency event notifications between edge devices, servers and channel attributes in your apps. 

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Reach users across the globe

Agora’s real-time network covers more than 200 countries and regions to allow you to manage your user metadata state across the world.

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Scale your user base

Scale your users with peace of mind. Support for billion-scale concurrency at the system level and million-scale concurrency at the channel level, Signaling enables synchronization any number of online users.

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Provide a more reliable experience

Maintain a flawless user experience with signal delivery rates of nearly 100%, even under challenging network conditions, due to keep-alive mechanism across distributed global servers.

Signaling Features

Message channel icon

Message channel

Easily manage and scale message channels with a pub/sub mode and accommodate an unlimited number of receivers and publishers per channel.

Stream Channel icon

Stream channel

Create a data pipeline that allows subscribers to receive a data stream transmitted within the channel with ultra-low latency.

Presence icon


Real-time synchronization of behavior-based status changes including device online/offline and users joining/leaving channels.

Low latency icon

Low latency

Provide real-time synchronization with global average latency under 200ms and average latency within region under 100ms.

Storage distribution icon

Storage, distribution, and notification 

User device/channel attribute change capabilities for storage, distribution, and notification.

Authentication icon


Control authentication workflow on user permission controls via token-based access to ban, mute, or manipulate the abilities of a user in a channel.

Topics icon


Effectively manage data streams with topics, enabling users to subscribe to, distribute, and notify events in data streams.

Locks icon


Ensures that messages are processed in a specific order and prevents concurrent read or write access to the same data.

Made for developers

It only takes a few lines of code to connect to Agora’s Signaling SDK

Use Cases

Real-time signaling for any application

Agora’s Signaling SDK offers the flexible customization, ease of implementation, and reliable network quality to provide your users with seamless synchronization for real-time use cases.

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Refresh the names of students joining online classes in real time.

A woman playing games on a computer with headphones


Coordinate the players who should be part of the same group chat.

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Future of Work

Know the online status of users in various channels.

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Provide real-time updates to product inventory catalog.

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Send notifications and manage how users map to channels.

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Facilitate user authentication based on token management. 

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