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RTE Live Shopping LATAM 2024

Get the playbook on how to use live commerce to boost conversion and engagement in Latin America.

Drive engagement in any virtual space

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“Our users spend as much as 30 minutes a day in video, whereas they might spend 10 minutes a day in the core product.”


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“Applying Agora’s voice chat features has driven up our session length and player retention by 300%.


Everything you need to build a complete real-time experience

Build your vision with fully-customizable SDKs

Flexible APIs give you control over every aspect of your experience.

Embed real-time voice and video with a few lines of code

Cross-platform SDKs help you get to market faster.

Get up and running fast with step-by-step instructions in Documentation

Add powerful real-time features quickly

Extensions make it easy to find and add new functionality for your app.

Extensions Marketplace

Add powerful features with a click and a few lines of code.

Collection of logos of companies and products found in the Agora Extensions Marketplace

The only network built for real-time

Your user experience deserves the only network engineered specifically to power real-time voice and video.

The highest quality 

Deliver the best quality real-time voice and video to your users with ultra-low latency and intelligent routing based on device and network conditions.

Global coverage

Reach anyone, anywhere with the largest global real-time network, providing interactive experiences to users in over 200 countries and regions.

Hyper scalability

Withstand sudden spikes in traffic gracefully and scale from one to millions of concurrent users as your app and business grow.

Mission-critical reliability

Build your experience to last with 99.99% uptime, 24/7 support, and zero system-wide downtime in company history.

Scale with the platform that powers 50 Billion Minutes of live voice and video every month

(50 billion minutes = 95,000 years)


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