Video Call
Agora’s Video SDK makes it easy to embed real-time video chat into web, mobile and native apps.


Bring long-distance moments into focus with live video calls

Real-time video chatting immerses people in the sights and sounds of human connections, keeping them engaged in your app longer.

Agora’s Video Call can further enhance social apps with fun features like AR facial masks and sound effects while business and education apps can benefit from screen sharing, whiteboards and more.

Social applications
Work collaboration
Online education
loT devices

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Make socializing more fun with live interactive video

From dating apps to online gaming, and wedding showers to happy hours, Agora’s Video Call enables one-to-one or small-group connections with smooth and jitter-free real-time video.

Make social time even more lively with sound effects, background music, AR facial masks and filtering, facial beautification and more!

Looking to engage larger audiences? Check out Agora’s Live Interactive Video Streaming.

Enhance remote collaboration with reliable, high quality video chat

When in-person meetings aren’t practical, live interactive video can effectively replace them, ensuring that remote teams still have virtual spaces to brainstorm, collaborate and socialize.

Agora’s Video Call makes your app development easy—across all platforms—and has all the building blocks to create work collaboration apps with tools like messaging, whiteboards, document and screen sharing, media upload, AI technology, and more.

Tip: Ask us about our free plugin!

Bring classes online with real-time interactive video

Whether you’re focused on one-on-one tutoring, traditional teacher-led classes, or hybrid classrooms that bring experienced teachers virtually to remote communities, Agora’s Video Call will provide clear, consistent video quality, even with challenging network conditions.

Agora’s Online Learning Engagement Platform provides the building blocks you need to assemble state-of-the-art interactive classrooms, including: voice chat and video chat, interactive live streaming, messaging, whiteboards, document and screen sharing, media upload, AI technology and more.

Add real-time interpersonal engagement to IoT devices

The Internet of Things brings convenience but it can make interactions impersonal.

Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform lets you integrate real-time interactive video into IoT devices like smart watches, smart speakers, and home security cameras so that humans can interact with each other, not just the technology.

And if video calling is not the right choice for your device, consider voice calling and real-time messaging.


Bring high-quality live interactive video into your application to enhance user experience

Outstanding audio

High-quality audio

A 48 kHz sampling rate, with full-sound bandwidth capture, provides natural audio reproduction, ensuring clear audio when it matters most.

Background and surround sound

Include local background music, accompaniment, and sound effects along with voice for a more immersive experience.

High-quality video

HD experience

Agora’s advanced in-house algorithms provide adaptive resolution from 96p to 1080p to guarantee better video quality using less bandwidth.

Intelligent video resolution

Agora’s Video Call applies adaptive video resolution based on the current network conditions, serving the best user experience possible to each person on the call.

Smooth experience

Agora’s proprietary algorithms ensure consistent video, free of stutters, jitters, or lag, under even the most challenging network conditions, with up to 70% packet loss.

Creative possibilities

Voice effects

Make calls fun and engaging with a range of voice effects. From sound mixing to sound reverb, users can customize the way their voices sound to match their moods, characters they’re playing, or just satisfy a whim.

Customized appearance

Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform supports augmented-reality facial masks and filtering, so users can customize their appearance in live video.

AI-powered services

AI-powered noise cancellation

Using 3A and an AI-powered noise cancellation algorithm, Agora’s platform adapts to variant acoustic conditions to remove ambient and distracting noises, ensuring voices come through crystal clear.

AI-powered add-on services

Use Agora’s API to integrate AI-powered services such as AR facial masks, facial beautification, and more.

Additional features

Screen sharing

With Agora’s Video Call, users can share their entire screens, specific areas, or a designated tab.

Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI)

Seamlessly insert SEI messages between video frames that can assist in decoding, display, or other processes.


You get all the above plus the power of Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform

With an intelligent global network, optimizations for mobile devices, over 450 APIs, cross-platform SDKs, and developer-centric building blocks, why would you choose anyone else?


Made for developers

Connect to the Agora Platform with only a Few Lines of Code







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import AgoraRtcKit

agoraKit = AgoraRtcEngineKit.sharedEngine(withAppId: AppID, delegate: self)
agoraKit.joinChannel(byToken: Token, channelId: "demoChanne1", info:nil, uid:0)
import io.agora.rtc.RtcEngine;

mRtcEngine = RtcEngine.create(context, appid, eventHandler);
mRtcEngine.joinChannel(token, channelName, info, uid);
import AgoraRTC from 'agora-rtc-sdk';

let client = AgoraRTC.createClient(config);  client.init(appid);
let localStream = AgoraRTC.createStream(streamSpec)
client.join(token, channel, uid);"elementID");
using agora_gaming_rtc;

IRtcEngine mRtcEngine = IRtcEngine.getEngine(appId);
mmRtcEngine.JoinChannel(channel, null, 0);
VideoSurface remoteVideoSurface = go.AddComponent<VideoSurface> ();
import AgoraRtcEngine from 'agora-electron-sdk';

RtcEngine.joinChannel(token, channel, info, uid);
RtcEngine.setupRemoveVideo(uid, view, info, channel);
#include "IAgoraRtcEngine.h"

m_lpAgoraEngine = (IRtcEngine *)createAgoraRtcEngine();
int nRet = m_lpAgoraEngine->joinChannel(token, channelName, NULL, nUID);
int nRet = m_lpAgoraEngine->leaveChannel();

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