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Video Call API

Agora’s video chat API makes it easy to embed real-time video into web, mobile and native apps.

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Web SDK for React is now Generally Available

Video Calling for React (Web) is now GA! Read the documentation to get started.

Boost in-app engagement with real-time video

Adding real-time video to your app lets people connect face-to-face from anywhere, keeping them engaged longer in any app —on any platform.

Two women in a video call on an iPad

Create a fully customized live video chat experience

The flexible, cross-platform live video SDK gives you full control over the experience you create so you can differentiate your live video chat app.

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Build fast with extensions and no-code/low-code tools

Increase the development speed of applications and get to market faster with solutions like our Video UI Kit or App Builder and extensions like recording, analytics, and more.

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Deploy on the only network built for real-time video

The world’s largest global real-time network provides ultra-low latency and intelligent routing to deliver the best streaming quality for your users, from enterprise businesses to small start-ups.

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“Our users spend as much as 30 minutes a day in video, whereas they might spend 10 minutes a day in the core product.”


Video Chat API Features

Reliable Video Quality icon

Reliable video quality

Agora’s video chat API ensures consistent video quality, free of stutter, jitter, and lag, even under challenging network conditions.

Advanced Audio Features icon

Multi-track video

Our video calling API supports multiple audio and video tracks making it easy to publish multiple camera or microphone streams in one instance—enabling complex metaverse use cases.

Easy to Add Extensions icon

Add-ons and extensions

With Agora’s live video call API, you can easily create customized video by adding powerful features with quick integration capabilities from video content moderation to 3D spatial audio and AI noise suppression.

Call Recording icon

Call recording

Agora’s video meeting API enables call recording in the cloud or on-premises with control over the format, storage, and quality.

Screen Sharing icon

Screen sharing and collaboration

Video conferencing solutions support screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, and other powerful collaboration functionality, enabling advanced features tailored to meet diverse user needs.

Global Scalability icon

Global scalability

Scale from 1:1 to millions of users with Agora’s video call API for websites and apps, powering 600 billion annual minutes of real-time video to users in over 200 countries and regions.


The video chat API made for developers

It only takes a few lines of code to integrate Agora’s online video call API to your mobile app, whether you’re using the web, Android, or iOS video call SDK.

See the full list of supported platforms on our video conferencing SDK downloads page.

Use Cases

Real-time video chat for any application

No matter your use case, Agora’s video call API for websites and apps offers cross-platform support to ensure easy implementation and reliable network quality, providing your users with an amazing video calling experience.

A man using his computer and headphones


Make learning more accessible to students everywhere with virtual classrooms, leveraging real-time communication to enhance interaction and engagement in the educational process.

A woman playing games on a computer with headphones


Increase in-game session time, stickiness, and gamer retention with live video chatting, extending compatibility across multiple platforms to ensure a seamless gaming experience for all users.

A man in a virtual meeting on a computer with other people

Future of Work

Connect professionals worldwide for more productive collaboration with a cross-platform video conferencing API, integrating live streaming, video chat functionality, and virtual backgrounds, and chat messaging to facilitate real-time engagement and interaction in professional settings.

A person using laptop in a shop


Create new revenue streams through live interactive shopping experiences with our video APIs.

Two people interacting on a phone video call


Drive deeper connections with friends and family across the world, enriching each moment with customized video experiences tailored to your personal interactions and preferences.

A woman chatting with a man and a kid over video


Improve patient healthcare access, provider communication, and enhance continuing medical education, utilizing video conferencing APIs to facilitate secure and reliable virtual consultations and learning sessions.

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“Switching to Agora means we no longer have to worry about reliability. Agora’s crystal-clear video call experience keeps Mixtroz moments magical.”


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“Our users simply love the low-latency and high quality experience that Agora makes possible and our numbers show it. We’ve grown more than tenfold since moving to Agora.”


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“We chose Agora based on the high quality of the white label video call solution. We are very satisfied with the support provided by the Agora team.”


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