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Agora Extensions Marketplace

Quickly find and integrate powerful, fun and interactive features into your real-time app.

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Don’t waste your time negotiating with vendors, coding one-off integrations, and searching for complementary RTE technology services like Face Filters, Content Moderation, and Voice Changers. This one-stop-shop is all you need. Check back often to this growing marketplace!

Easily find extensions from Agora partners to enhance your RTE app

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Bose PinPoint

Bose Corporation

Bose PinPoint reduces and removes unwanted background noise from microphones and speakers, right in your app.

Banuba featured



Banuba Face Filter adds real-time 3D masks and AR face filters in your mobile app or website. Powered by the industry’s best face-tracking technology.

Video and Audio Modifiers

Bose PinPoint ™ Noise Filter

Bose Corporation

Bose PinPoint reduces unwanted background noise from microphones right in your app.



Banuba extension for Agora lets you add augmented reality features to video calls such as face filters, face touch up filters, virtual backgrounds and avatars.

Voicemod Voice Changer

Voicemod S.L.

The Voicemod Voice Changer extension is an audio filter that brings our voice transformation to any audio or video stream in any Agora app.

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DoreSegment, at its core, separates a digital image into two parts background and foreground segment (human segment), DoreSegment is providing Background Removal extension with Agora SDK (IOS)

Synervoz featured

Synervoz Voice FX

Synervoz Communications Inc.

Add voice effects including Echo, Reverb, Flanger, and Pitch Shift.

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Symbl Conversation Intelligence

This extension embeds real-time conversation intelligence into the application providing contextual analyzed conversation data along with speech recognition without any upfront training.

Visual Moderation API


Hive’s Content Moderation API takes in as input a frame of video and returns over 40 granular classes including nudity, violence, hate imagery, and much more.

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