Compliance & Privacy

Agora Inc is proud to offer professional CPaaS with Compliance, Safety, Security, and Trust.  Our commitment to compliance, data & information security and protection of personal privacy are part of the core values of our company. From our SD-RTN network architecture to our day to day business operations, continually invests in innovations and business processes that build trustworthiness with our customers, investors and developer community. 


Agora Inc is GDPR compliant and we’re committed to providing GDPR compliant products and services to our customers in EU region or with our customers who conduct business within the EU.


Agora Inc is aware of the sensitivity of transmitting and processing health information. Agora Inc has invested in both the creation and ongoing maintenance of a HIPAA compliance program this is designed to protect customer and businesses in the United States.

Data Protection

Agora Inc is committed to the protection and security of our client’s data. For additional information on our compliance programs please visit the following pages: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and our Acceptable Use Policy.

For any questions about our compliance program please contact us at or Talk to Us