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Group of six friends video chatting online while watching a sports match
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LiveLike creates the best sports viewing experiences in the world using Agora’s voice and video chat.

About Livelike

When LiveLike Co-Founder Miheer Walavalkar wanted to watch live sports games in India, his only option was to wake up in the middle of the night to catch the latest NBA game or F1 race, alone and not around other fans.

Miheer missed out on the excitement of gathering with friends at a bar or cheering on a team in a stadium, so he built LiveLike to create virtual communities around sporting events.

LiveLike is an Audience Engagement Platform for sports associations and broadcasters that helps them empower their community within their own sports apps. LiveLike’s white-label, SDK-driven solution powers the applications for Sky Sports, WarnerMedia, Canal+, and many more sports companies all over the world so fans can discuss a great play or rejoice when their team wins.

With LiveLike, broadcasters captivate their mobile audience with social features that create the experience of going to a game with friends. Sports broadcasters and association companies simply incorporate interactive widgets with gamification mechanics to keep fans engaged over the length of a sporting event.

“We can help our customers engage their communities with voice and video. We provide our partners with tools so they can empower their community within their apps rather than losing out to the social networks and letting all the conversation elsewhere.”

Miheer Walavalkar, co-founder and CEO, LiveLike

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Live sports game streamed on mobile device

Fans no longer have to meet at a bar or at a stadium to feel the excitement of a sports game. People all over the world can come together to root on a player, team or coach regardless of the time of day or their location—all on the league’s, broadcaster’s or sports team’s app.

LiveLike is building community and creating engagement around live experiences through real-time voice and video chat so audience members can interact in sports events together even if they are physically apart. Their web and mobile SDKs and APIs include clear documentation, integration help, UI templates, and technical support. Fans remain entertained throughout games when they can see, hear and interact with others.

LiveLike’s toolkit includes public and private chat groups, custom emojis, and an engagement studio for fan-friendly interactions. And because the experience is embedded in the app, sports fans are fully immersed in the game, fight, or match without needing to download anything else.

Products used

A Toolkit for Broadcasters

With Agora’s Voice Calling and Video Calling, LiveLike can assure broadcasters and sports organizations that fans will stay engaged on their apps. As the world accepts content engagement as the norm, Agora’s platform helps LiveLike customers provide the best communication options.

Agora and PubNub have a partnership on text, chat and real-time messaging and LiveLike was able to integrate the two partners together.

“We went live in six weeks with video chat, polls predictions, gamification, leaderboards, text chat, and more. You need to work with reliable partners on this on the infrastructure side to be able to launch these kinds of features.”

Miheer Walavalkar, co-founder and CEO, LiveLike

Miheer Walavalker

“Our audience engagement platform utilizes chat, gamification and other features. With Agora, we easily added voice and video to the  platform to maximize ROI for our partners.”


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