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Welcome helps modern marketers drive pipeline with webinars powered by Agora

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About Welcome

AI-driven technology to host engaging online experiences and scale content

In the age of automation, what truly sets brands apart is their ability to connect with audiences on a human level. Welcome provides marketers with the tools to host remarkable webinars and events that spark real conversations, build community, and drive revenue.

Using AI-driven technology, Welcome allows marketers to capture those moments of connection and transform them into compelling short-form videos and content that can be easily shared and distributed. By harnessing the power of human perspectives, this content stands out in a crowded digital landscape and leaves a lasting impact on their audience.

“There weren’t any solutions out there for high-end, virtual events. We provide a completely branded and customizable experience for users; your event feels like it was produced by a Hollywood studio.”

Jerry Shen, Founder and President, WELCOME

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

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Welcome is a virtual event platform unlike any other. Their events are stunning, fully branded, and engaging. They’re like watching a national news broadcast, and the news anchor reaches out of the TV to interact directly with viewers.

Like a television broadcast studio, Welcome Studio allows an event producer to mix live video with high-quality, pre-recorded content. They can also easily insert customized overlays or graphics, add on-screen clickable CTAs, insert dynamic backgrounds and change speaker placement without the need or complexity of a costly A/V team. The Green Room allows speakers a chance to prepare before going live, eliminating awkward transitions.

Beyond traditional broadcasts, a live, virtual event hosted on Welcome provides opportunities for user engagement. Chat, Q&A, lounges, and breakout rooms are designed to facilitate human interaction and conversation between users, much like the engagement experienced at live conferences.

Products used

A solution for multi-party voice and video communication

The challenge in quickly executing their mission was finding an interactive streaming video platform that could deliver finely tuned streaming to very large audiences and support the extensive UI tailoring Welcome intended to provide. The Agora Real-Time Engagement Platform was the only option that could provide the features and customization needed, while delivering content with less latency than other video streaming platforms.

The engineers at Welcome were able to work directly with the streaming experts at Agora, pushing the envelope to create a new level of user experience using Agora’s video SDK. The partnership provided a superior level of developer support, much more effective than traditional vendor relationships.

“When evaluating streaming technology, we found that Agora was the most technically sophisticated and the most customizable solution available. Only Agora could provide broadcast-quality streaming with full audience interactivity and seamless video recording—all white-labeled within our platform.”

Jerry Shen, Founder and President, WELCOME

Welcome Customer Story - Banner - Customer Headshot - Jerry Shen

“Using off-the-shelf solutions doesn’t give you a branded experience. We provide a completely customizable, fully branded solution for our users. Agora stood out for both its quality when scaled for large audiences and the level of technical customization we could use to brand the audio and video for our virtual events.”


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