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TVU Networks connects all the players that bring broadcasts to life with Agora’s real-time video.



People all over the world can now communicate with each other through a variety of video platforms. While many of these platforms work for small meetings or webinars, they don’t provide the video quality or level of support needed for higher end productions. TVU Networks is here to solve that problem by ensuring that high-quality, live video and audio are perfectly synchronized in the cloud no matter where the sources are located and can scale to any size production.

TVU Partyline is the technology of choice for several entertainment awards shows, including The Critics Choice Awards, GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony, and Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards. Each event offered the attending celebrities and nominees the ability to participate remotely in a shared environment without technical difficulties.

“TVU Partyline was created to power real-time engagement between attendees in broadcast-quality events. It enables all members in a remote production environment to communicate seamlessly as if they were all in the same physical space.


The Power of Real-Time Engagement


There’s a big difference between your standard work day video meetings and a prestigious award show with millions watching. As award shows went virtual to offer safety and flexibility to attendees while providing a more inclusive experience to anyone watching, networks quickly realized that standard video conferencing platforms couldn’t keep up with the needs of a broadcast production. The events that tried to use standard meeting platforms encountered a barrage of technical difficulties and awkward silences, resulting in bad experiences for both celebrities and viewers at home.

Built with real-time engagement capabilities, TVU Partyline is the industry’s only interactive, ultra-low latency, live production collaboration platform. By enabling production crews to communicate remotely as if they were all in the same physical space, the control room can go fully virtual. Beyond the crew members, Partyline also enables producers to allow real-time communication between talent and viewers, no matter where they are located. This real-time collaboration opens the door to high-impact, engaging, interactive content unlike anything you could do before in broadcast quality.

Products used

A live video solution fit for the red carpet

TVU Networks is committed to providing the highest quality live video streaming and broadcast experiences. The TVU Partyline solution applies that commitment to interactive live events, powered by Agora’s Interactive Live Streaming. Agora’s turnkey platform, flexible APIs, and clear documentation gave TVU Networks’ development team the ability to build the product more quickly and easily than they ever thought possible.

In addition to Agora’s ease of use, TVU Networks chose Agora for the highly reliable cloud services that help bring TVU Partyline to the next level. Agora’s network provides the reliability and quality necessary for an interactive, global, live streaming event while enabling support for an unlimited number of participants in a wholly interactive event.

“We have been very pleased with the results of Agora’s API integration into our TVU Partyline product. We chose Agora thanks to their turnkey platform, flexible APIs, and clear documentation.

eric chang, vp of marketing, tvu networks

Headshot of Eric Chang, VP of Marketing at TVU Networks.

“Agora’s Interactive Live Streaming helps make it possible for us to create great solutions that are a fit for any industry including news, entertainment media, sports, corporate, houses of worship, and government. We view them as a trusted technical partner.


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