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An adult learner and her tutor interacting online with screenshots of the Preply Learning Environment, Learner/Tutor Matching and Tutor Tool displayed beneath them.
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Preply is an inventive online language learning platform connecting a global network of  students and tutors using Agora’s real-time video and audio chat.

Preply screenshot showing the tutoring app interface with copy that says, “Solution, Tutoring Tools …and lets tutors focus on teaching. We take care of the rest." Below are callouts for, "Online calendar for an efficient booking process that considers tutors’ real availability. Performance dashboard with each tutor’s success metrics and personalized recommendations. Internal CRM to easily keep track of students, payments, and lessons.


Preply was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine as a tutor matching marketplace that uses machine learning to increase the efficiency of pairing  students with language tutors around the world. After this early success, Preply decided to build a full online language learning platform, integrating tutor matching with a virtual classroom for live one-on-one lessons.

Now with offices around the world, Preply has an unparalleled network of over 40,000 verified tutors teaching 50 languages to tens of thousands of students in over 185 countries. Preply is dedicated to providing the highest quality online learning experience with the goal of becoming the #1 marketplace for online language tutoring in the world.

“We realized that we couldn’t provide the best quality experience for students if they had to move to another platform for lessons after finding a tutor. We decided to create a seamless learning experience where students can find a tutor, schedule a lesson, pay, and meet for interactive lessons all on one integrated platform.”

Illia Kazachkovskyi, Engineering Manager, Preply

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Preply screenshot

Preply’s innovative tutoring platform uses a proven language-learning methodology and focuses on real-time engagement between students and tutors. The platform allows students to choose the context for their language learning with options like learning English for business use. The real-time nature of Preply’s lessons make them more effective than pre-recorded language curriculums.

The lesson experience is designed to facilitate interaction, featuring a split-screen with both tutor and student videos on one side and the lesson materials on the other. Preply also offers an audio-only mode which has helped retain customers who have challenging network connections. To make lessons even more interactive, Preply is working to implement a new virtual whiteboard feature that will allow students and tutors to draw in the same area.

Products used

A Video and Voice Partnership with Proven Successes

Video and audio quality are extremely important to Preply’s revenue, retention, and overall customer success. That means a lot of thought went into the decision to choose the right partner for real-time audio and video. After rigorously testing a number of solutions, Preply found that Agora’s real-time engagement platform offered the highest quality audio and video experience for students and tutors. 

After implementing Agora, Preply saw a huge improvement in the quality of video lessons—proven by customers’ usage metrics. Additionally, with Agora’s excellent customer support, Preply was able to improve the success rate of each lesson by up to 18%.

“We chose Agora because they offer the highest quality real-time audio and video in addition to the best customer support. Agora is essential to helping Preply improve our most important metric for online learning—lesson success rate.”

Illia Kazachkovskyi,  Engineering Manager, Preply

Headshot of Preply Engineering Manager, Illia Kazachko

“Video and audio quality are extremely important to our revenue, retention, and overall customer success. Agora’s best-in-class quality allows us to provide an amazing customer experience resulting in record-breaking growth.”


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