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One-size-fits-all video conferencing is over, and no coding needed.

With Agora’s custom App Builder, you can personalize and publish your very own, purpose-built, powerful live video apps to connect with audiences, engage with customers and drive business outcomes.

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Use our personalized video App Builder to delight your users and launch sooner without the need for a large development team.

Try the no-code App Builder solution today!

“Using the Agora App Builder, we were able to easily spin up an integration with our conversational intelligence APIs to showcase different use cases to our customers. It was easy to customize with our unique branding and scaled right out of the box, with absolutely no coding required.



Enhance user experiences in your applications with high-quality, interactive chat.

Beautiful, right out of the box

Building a delightful, customized video chat app is faster than ever with ready-to-use templates containing modern color palettes, stylish layouts and fresh graphics.

Default themes

Get started immediately with the provided themes, and then make it your own.

Stock images

Use our great stock icons and images or upload your own for an even more personalized app.

Responsive design

Ensure an optimal experience for all users regardless of device.

App builder themes image

App builder no code image

No code, low code, your code

Our easy, step-by-step visual designer software can help you create the perfect product without any technical expertise or coding knowledge in no time. If you’re a developer looking for more customization and control, download the source code, and then continue to add new features and tailored experiences for your users.

Customization to the core

The generated code base is componentized and has clear separation of concerns which makes it super easy to take our auto-generated code and make it your own.

Build once, deploy everywhere

Quickly build an app without code and publish it for users on any device or operating system including desktop, web and mobile.

Scale beyond peer-to-peer

Define your use case—from one-to-one or broadcast to thousands—and the technology will scale to ensure a quality user experience.

Only good surprises

Users have come to demand the highest quality features and reliability during video meetings. Apps built with Agora’s App Builder deliver all the features you’ve come to expect—and even some surprises!

Multi-screen sharing

Enable screen sharing to facilitate deeper insights and collaboration between users.

Dial-in support

Provide dial-in capability through TurboBridge for users who are offline ensuring everyone who needs to attend can attend.

Host controls

Prepare hosts before going live, and then give them the mic to connect directly with the audience for an engaging, interactive discussion.

Cloud recording

Record live audio and video experiences to increase the lifetime of your content or to archive for safety, monitoring and compliance reviews.

App builder dial in image

Why Agora

You get all the above plus the power of Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform.

With an intelligent global network, optimizations for mobile devices, cross-platform SDKs and developer-centric building blocks, why would you choose anyone else?

Pricing that scales with your business

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