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Conversational AI

Create AI-powered real-time voice, video, and chat experiences

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Build multimodal AI experiences fast

Quickly build and deploy seamless AI experiences across voice, video, and chat, with ultra-low latency and top-tier performance, no matter the network conditions.

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Connect pre-integrated AI models

Get to market faster with seamless pre-integrated connections to leading Large Language Models (LLMs).

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Enable immediate AI responses

Agora’s real-time infrastructure enables AI communication with minimal lag or delay, mimicking natural human to human conversation.

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Convert speech to text in real time

Use pre-integrated real-time transcription to convert live speech to text (STT) and feed it directly to an LLM for immediate AI responses, insights, or suggestions.

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Give AI a voice with text to speech

Deliver precise text-to-speech (TTS) output, offering a range of voice options tailored to your communication needs.

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Deploy multimodal AI agents

Enable users to communicate with AI in real time via voice, video and chat. Integrate with avatar services to give your AI a face.

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Ensure uninterrupted connections

Agora’s global real-time network and last mile technology provides the highest quality voice, video, and chat interaction regardless of network conditions and user’s location.

Use Cases

Real-time AI for any app

Agora’s Conversational AI solution enables AI experiences across various industries, enhancing customer experiences and streamlining business operations.

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard with a transparent overlay of a chat interface, showing a customer support conversation.

24/7 Customer Support

Provide round-the-clock support with AI-powered chatbots that can handle common queries, troubleshoot issues, and guide customers through processes.

A woman in glasses and a striped shirt sits, smiling and holding her head while using a laptop, with a pop-up window on the screen featuring an AI assistant named Bethany.

Virtual shopping assistants

Help customers find products, compare items, and make purchasing decisions. Provide suggestions and answer customer questions in real time.

A woman is interacting with a virtual assistant displayed on a screen.

Employee onboarding

Guide new hires through the onboarding process, answering questions and providing necessary resources.

A person is holding a smartphone displaying a health app while their other wrist, wearing a smartwatch, shows heart rate information.


Integrate with health IoT devices to monitor vital signs, track fitness goals, and remind users to take medications. Offer mental health support through conversational AI that can listen, provide advice, and connect users with professional help if needed.

A woman using a smartphone with an AI language learning app. The app shows a conversation in Spanish about practicing food-related vocabulary. She is outdoors with city lights blurred in the background.


Help students with course information, schedule management, and academic resources. Offer interactive, on-demand tutoring sessions and homework assistance.

A person is sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of them. On the laptop screen is a live stream with a cartoon avatar of a young person with curly hair and freckles, alongside a live chat featuring several user comments and interactions.

Live AI hosts

Provide real-time interaction with viewers. Automatically filter out inappropriate or harmful content and manage any disruptive behavior ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all users.

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