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Real-Time Transcription

Create a better user experience with the most accurate live transcription and subtitling

Screenshot of a woman and man talking with real-time transcription displaying what they are saying

Instantly transcribe speech to text for live audio and video

Agora’s Real-Time Transcription provides accurate live transcription and subtitling services at a low cost.

Reduce cost and increase efficiency

Channel-based live transcription allows you to distribute live captions to all participants in channel while only paying for the duration of a channel—not the number of users. This approach is far more efficient and lower cost when compared to traditional client-side live transcription.

Get the most accurate results at scale

Cutting-edge AI ensures the highest accuracy even with overlapping speech, regional accents, and poor network conditions. Scale from one-to-one meetings to up to millions of participants with the same accuracy.

Integrate with ease

Simple API integration for a full solution supporting transcription from audio to text, live captioning, and cloud recording with closed captioning (CC) that works on any device. Extend with new features using the Restful API.


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Live transcription for RTC

Integrated with Agora’s voice and video service, live transcription and captions improve accessibility for your audience. Perfect for meetings, live streaming, lectures, interviews, live shopping, and more.

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Channel-based cloud transcription

Cloud transcription service converts audio to text based on channel and distributes the text to all participants in this channel to show live closed captions (CC). Transcripts are saved to the cloud.

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Transcribing and labeling simultaneous speakers

Easily label who said what—even with up to 3 simultaneous speakers. Separate transcription for each host ensures accurate voice transcription with multiple hosts.

Captioning for cloud recordings

Transcribe audio to text on video recordings to enable closed captions (CC) and review important discussion items in the transcript.

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Multi-language support

Real-time transcription supports all major languages and dialects, and each channel can support audio to text transcription for up to two languages simultaneously.

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Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Agora is ISO and SOC 2 certified and meets compliance standards for regional privacy laws and industry regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Made for developers

Agora’s Real-Time Transcription platform-agnostic RESTful APIs make it easy to add highly accurate, cost-effective audio transcription capabilities to your app on any platform.

Use Cases

Transcribe speech to text for any live meetings or events

Securely transcribe and record real-time audio or video and organize recordings and transcripts to speed up workflows.

A person wearing headphones smiles as they use a laptop.


Give faculty and students real-time captions and notes for in-person and virtual lectures, classes or meetings.

A man in a video meeting

Virtual Meetings

Provide real-time automated notes in meetings and conversations to keep everyone aligned in a remote work environment.

A woman using VR headsets

Social & Metaverse 

Eliminate communication barriers for people with different languages or disabilities.

A smartphone sits on a tripod and records a person holding up and displaying a red shirt.


Increase accessibility to reach a wider audience and improve discoverability for brands and hosts.  

A Patient with their doctor in a meeting


Keep secure records of virtual appointments and patient questions with the most accurate speech to text software.

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Empower your event with real-time, accurate notes, ensuring a more accessible, searchable, and engaging event experience.

Add live transcription to your real-time experience today

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