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Deliver Customized, Deeply Engaging Online Tutoring Experiences hero

Deliver Customized, Deeply Engaging Online Tutoring Experiences

How a customized online learning environment can reduce user friction, boost student engagement, and report student engagement and participation.

To drive better student outcomes, engagement, and user retention, online tutoring companies need to enable rich experiences that allow educators to draw on a broad spectrum of resources and techniques. But all too often, students and educators are stuck with limited and inflexible “one-size-fits-all” video conferencing solutions.

In this eBook, learn how to leverage SDKs and APIs to create a unique learning experience quickly and easily, while differentiating your business among competitors. A platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach to online tutoring provides:

  • Flexibility for online tutoring providers: Easy customization allows you to brand your applications, control all user data and enable business logics like automated recording, and track student engagement and participation.
  • Better experience for students: Integrate live sessions seamlessly into your web applications or LMS  and build more interactive, social experiences that keep students engaged and learning.

Download the e-book today to learn how providers with limited technology resources can easily create the customized and engaging tutoring experiences students and educators need.