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Talkspace user interface
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Talkspace revolutionizes mental health services with Agora’s real-time voice and video integration.

Talkspace user interface

About talkspace

Founded with a mission to eliminate the stigmas associated with mental illness and make therapy affordable and accessible, Talkspace gives patients access to licensed therapists through the web or mobile apps on iOS and Android.

With thousands of licensed therapists, Talkspace is continually evolving its products to offer different types of therapy including group, marriage, and workplace counseling, and helps individuals address mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and PTSD. Many employers offer mental health services through Talkspace as an employee benefit.

“Clinically speaking, we know through research that video sessions are just as helpful to individuals—their outcomes are just as good as in person. I think video is here to stay.”

Renée Daley, LCSW, Senior Clinical Product Manager, Talkspace

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Talkspace user interface

When the founders of Talkspace were experiencing challenges in their marriage and attended therapy, they realized just how many barriers there were to getting care—from stigmas to costs and even the logistics of actually getting to therapy sessions. As a result, they started a journey to making therapy more affordable and easier to access.

The solution they created allows individuals to send text messages, audio messages, video messages, or have live video sessions with their therapist anytime from the comfort of their homes.

Products used

A HIPAA-Compliant Mental Health Solution

Agora’s video SDK gives Talkspace the flexibility to create a custom experience for people seeking mental health services, with HIPAA-compliant confidentiality and security. It also provides flawless mobile-to-mobile connectivity, regardless of device, operating system, and geographic location.

Thanks to Agora’s SD-RTN™, Talkspace therapy sessions stream at high quality in real-time with top security and encryption anywhere in the world, ensuring that patients and therapists can talk about sensitive topics without video stutters or audio delays.

“We really wanted to create a unique customer experience and Agora allowed us to do a lot of customization while other platforms just had one out of the box solution.”

Gil Margolin, CTO, Talkspace

Portrait of Renée Daley

“Talkspace had been looking for a real-time solution to provide visual context to its users and therapists with ensured Quality of User Experience (QoE) levels.”


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