Telemedicine Isn’t Just for Robots

When we first hear about telemedicine, many of us imagine surgeons operating on patients remotely with sophisticated robots. This can seem very far removed from everyday medical needs and capabilities, and make telemedicine something that all but the largest hospitals ignore. Telemedicine encompasses much more

Talkspace is Revolutionizing Telepsychiatry

If you want a good example of how real-time communications can revolutionize healthcare, look no further than the telepsychiatry app for mental health, Talkspace. The telepsychiatry startup just received $15 million of Series B funding for its innovative online therapy platform that promises to remake the mental health services landscape.

Review of ATA2016 Telemedicine Conference

For more information, download our “Agora for Telemedicine” datasheet here and also see our fun Infographic here on the global journey of a video packet that shows how we optimize mobile and global video communications to connect people everywhere. was excited to attend the American Telemedicine Association

Video Calling: The New Normal?

Last month I did the unthinkable: I removed the Phone app from my smartphone. Well, I didn’t remove it completely because Apple won’t let me remove phone functionality from my iPhone. But I buried the phone app in a folder I never access the one