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Conversation Intelligence for Developers. Enable your applications to truly understand natural human conversations across any channel, just by hitting a few endpoints. + Agoro logos brings conversation intelligence to real-time voice and video apps built with Agora.

Conversation Intelligence for Developers. Enable your applications to truly understand natural human conversations across any channel, just by hitting a few endpoints.


Human conversations are one of the most underutilized sources of data today. The unstructured nature of business conversations—from customer support to virtual meetings—have previously made analysis a challenge. helps businesses understand and extract contextual insights from natural human conversations in real time. The inspiration for’s CEO & Co-founder Surbhi Rathore came from a desire to make communication more intelligent and to generate shared knowledge from human conversations.’s conversation intelligence platform enables developers to easily build and extend applications so they can extract insights from conversations in settings like customer care, sales engagement, virtual meetings and more. With easily scalable and integratable AI-powered conversation intelligence capabilities, makes it easy to move far beyond basic speech recognition capabilities in any application where conversations are essential.

“Real-time engagement is essential in business settings, from virtual meetings to customer care. We realized that there was a huge need for businesses to better understand these real-time conversations and extract contextual insights.”

Surbhi Rathore, CEO and Co-Founder,

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

A screenshot of the real-time conversation intelligence application in action. not only understands the power of real-time engagement (RTE)—they help to upgrade it with conversation intelligence.’s real-time conversation intelligence enhances any type of RTE application that leverages video, audio or text channels. For example, can provide real-time suggestions that a customer care agent can use during a live call. It can automatically extract action items from conversation in a virtual staff meeting. For sales teams, can automate CRM entries based on sales calls. These types of intelligent automations save companies money and time while providing new insights to optimize engagement.

Conversation intelligence helps you better understand any type of engagement and determine how to optimize it with features like live captioning, analytics, and automatic extraction of previously hard-to-measure metrics like intent, sentiment, contextual insights, and more. These capabilities allow businesses to make sense of conversations to determine how to better engage customers and employees.

Products used

Build a video app with conversation intelligence in minutes’s conversation intelligence is built to work with voice and video apps but they found that their customers had challenges building these apps themselves. It was also time consuming for to build demos to showcase how the platform can work for different use cases. With Agora App Builder, both and their customers can easily create a fully branded video or voice application in a matter of minutes and easily add features like live captioning, real-time or post-call coaching, compliance, content moderation and more.

After working with customers using a variety of technologies to power voice and video, Agora was’s first choice for an RTE partner due to the ease of integration and ability to layer additional capabilities. chose Agora because it enables their developers and customers to bring conversation intelligence capabilities to life more quickly. The integration of and Agora presents developers with unprecedented opportunities to create exciting new intelligent functionalities in video, audio and messaging applications.

We were able to quickly spin up and showcase different use cases for video and voice integration with conversation intelligence APIs using the Agora App Builder. It was easy to customize, required minimal coding, and was ready to scale right out of the box.


Headshot, Surbhi Rathore, CEO of

“I am extremely excited for developers to build with Agora App Builder and Together, they open up the possibilities of next-gen conversation intelligence use cases and experiences.”


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