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Bunch user interface
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The Bunch app enhances multiplayer game play with group voice and video chat.

Bunch user interface
Bunch users engage with video calls while in game!

About Bunch

The Bunch app lets people voice or video chat with friends while playing their favorite multiplayer games together—even when they’re physically apart.

Bunch was co-founded by Selcuk Atli, Jason Liang, and Jordan Howlett. Atli is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded Boostable (acquired by Metric) and SocialWire (acquired by Rakuten) and was most recently a Venture Partner with 500 Startups. Liang is a mobile developer who has worked for Google and Pivotal Labs. Howlett is a full-stack developer who has worked for several startups, including MOX and Muse.

“Video makes gaming with friends better—hearing them laugh and watching their reactions enhances the gaming experience.”

Selcuk Atli, CEO, BUNCH

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

User interface of a billiards video game with 6 players.

The Bunch team remembered the days when they played games in-person at LAN parties—with friends hanging out in the living room, laughing, making fun of each other, and just enjoying the banter and camaraderie—and they wanted to bring that experience to mobile gamers who might not be on the same continent, let alone the same room!

When using Bunch, gamers have a frictionless experience—moving between games, switching between voice and video chatting, and even partying outside of gameplay. With Bunch, friends can move between activities and conversations just as naturally as they do in person.


An Experience Built for Mobile Gamers

Many players use apps like Discord or Skype to talk to friends while playing together—or use in-game chat systems that do not persist outside of the game. Bunch has created a solution that allows players to chat both inside and outside of the games.

The first solution they tried faced CPU and RAM challenges. Agora’s voice and video SDK, however, has a small footprint and customizable video profiles for further optimization.

Other reasons Bunch chose Agora:

  • Ease of integration
  • Rapid development with a community-built React Native wrapper
  • No hassle third-party integration
  • Bitcode support
  • Fine-tune audio mixing
Portrait of Jason Liang

“With Agora, you get 20-30 video/audio profiles and scenarios with the ability to choose accordingly to your use case. Agora’s option to choose the lowest video profile to reduce impact on the device and latency was a game changer.”


Pricing that scales with your business

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