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Effective: Sept 5, 2023

These Content and Community Guidelines apply to all users and/or visitors of the Site, attendees, speakers, and/or participants of the RTE2023 Event, and any and all User Submissions submitted to or uploaded in connection with the use of the Services. These Content Standards Community Guidelines are a part of and incorporated into Agora’s RTE2023 Event Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”). Capitalized terms used herein but not defined will have the meanings given in the Terms.

1. Content Standards: User Content must in its entirety comply with the Terms, including, without limitation these Content Standards and Community Guidelines, and all applicable federal, state, local and international laws and regulations. Without limiting the foregoing, User Content must not contain anything that is or could appear to

2. Community Guidelines for User Interactions.When you interact with others through the Services, be respectful and follow Agora’s policies. Treat others as you would want to be treated and be polite. Freedom of speech and having an opinion does not mean you can be abusive, hateful, or disruptive. The following set forth general (but by no means exhaustive) guidelines to follow when interacting with other users through the Services:

3. Consequences of Violation. If we determine that you have violated any part of this Policy, we may remove any offending content or suspend or terminate your access and/or use of the Site and/or RTE2023 Event. We may intercept or block any content or traffic where the RTE2023 and/or RTE2023 Event is being used unlawfully or not in accordance with this Policy. Our right to suspend or terminate your access and/or use of the Site and/or RTE2023 Event applies even if a violation is committed unintentionally or without your authorization.

4. Reporting. If you become aware of any violation of this Policy, you will immediately notify us and provide us with assistance, as requested, to stop or remedy the violation. To report any violation of this Policy, please contact us at

If you have any questions about these Content Standards and Community Guidelines, please contact us by email at: