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The submission period is now closed but tune in for the live pitch on September 2nd!
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Blink is an audio-first blind speed dating app that helps people build meaningful connections based on genuine compatibility. Using relationship psychology and real-time communication, Blink creates a space where a person’s personality, values, sense of humor, passions, and quirks are what set them apart — not their looks, name, or fashion choices. Try the podcast version of our concept on Date in a Blink.

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Uber Battle

Uber Battle is an interactive virtual DJ competition show that allows 3 live DJs to go head-to-head for your entertainment. Participates vote for their favorite DJs by smashing the link button. DJs are rated and points are awarded to the winners to move them up in their rankings.

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Venue makes remote companies more human. We inspire, connect, and celebrate people with simple creative video tools that let you create live cultural moments. With Venue, anyone can easily produce and host synchronous video and multimedia events at scale. Culture-obsessed remote companies are using our platform for company-wide meetings, department town halls, external recruiting information sessions, D&I events, community building, and more.


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As the only all-in-one audio streaming tool in the world, Gramrphone enables creators to stream high-fidelity audio from their Digital Audio Workstation, Soundcard or any application, straight to their fans, via any major streaming platform. It helps grow creators’ fanbase and deliver uniquely personal live experiences at the click of a button!

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Digital Darwin (PhysioAI) is transforming the way physiotherapy services are delivered in India. We call it Physiotherapy 2.0. Using Computer Vision, AI and Real time engagement, PhysioAI has created the only known Physiotherapy Cobot PHYbot and RTE bot TelePHYbot. Together with Physiotherapists using its proprietary cloud platform these bots create a Phygital (Physical + Digital) reality by seamlessly integrating Physical and Digital touchpoints with the patient.

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Edvi (Yellow Lambda Technologies Private Limited) is a platform for teachers and students to run complete classroom activities online. Edvi re-creates the perfect classroom environment and offers a lot of novel education centric features.


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Volta is a self-serve XR creation platform that gives artists the ability to design and broadcast experiential content that reaches into the metaverse. Volta integrates seamlessly into artists existing workflows, allows them to build new immersive worlds that were previously unimaginable, and can let their fans have an impact on the environment, turning a broadcast into a living breathing place.

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SURU Together 

SURU Together provides web applications that help people co-create, co-design, and use their collective intelligence to make smarter decisions. People Supported Intelligence (PSi) by SURU is a CivTech audio platform for civic organizations to engage their communities in deliberative participatory decision-making.

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Trulience creates photo realistic, interactive digital humans that can be spoken to on any device via a simple video call. Our digital humans are built using AI, can be based on a specific human likeness and can be connected to conversational services that provide access to information in a natural, straightforward and engaging way.


Problem to Be Solved

Competitive Analysis

Team Assessment

Target Market

RTE Use Case

Business Model

Solution Details

Go-to-Market Strategy

Investment Proposal

Overall Presentation Quality


Kathleen Forte headshot

Kathleen Forte, Americas

Partner, Business Development at Lightspeed Venture Partners

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William Bao Bean headshot

William Bao Bean, APAC

General Partner at SOSV, Managing Director at Chinaccelerator MOX

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Parul Madan headshot

Parul Madan, EMEA

CEO & Founder at DueDash Capital Networks GmbH

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RTE2021 Real Time Engagement Conference, September 1 - 2: Register Now
RTE2021 Real Time Engagement Conference, September 1 - 2: Register Now