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Webinar: How Real-Time Engagement is Reshaping the Future of Work featured

Webinar: How Real-Time Engagement is Reshaping the Future of Work

Explore ways to power the next generation of hybrid and remote work to enhance the productivity and satisfaction of your users. Learn how the most innovative companies in the space of Enterprise Collaboration are helping their users to work together, share ideas, and connect in real-time.

The Future of Work is personalization, accessibility, and most importantly — happening NOW. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear from three innovative companies in the Future of Work on how technology can support a happy and productive workforce. Joshua Woods from Vofspace, Matthew Lloyd from Wurkr, and Ebba Cronqvist from Buzz get together with Agora team to discuss: 

  • How synchronous communication and Metaverse trends are shaping the Future of Work 
  • What innovative software and hardware tools are shaping corporate collaboration 
  • What strategies beyond communication tools are successfully engaging employees
  • How technology can help companies measure productivity and wellness  


  • Josh Woods, Founder & CEO of Vofspace – a premier virtual office space that consolidates virtual meeting space, scheduling, payment collections, and client communications into a single dashboard. 
  • Matthew Lloyd, COO of Wurkr – the world’s most flexible and engaging video platform that enables users to work online from anywhere in the world. 
  • Ebba Cronqvist, Co-Founder & CEO of Buzz – a virtual office platform where distributed teams can connect seamlessly as if they were sitting together. 


  • Blaise Thomas, Startup Advocate at Agora 
  • Wyatt Oren, Director of Sales at Agora