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Use to capture conversational trans voice, messages, video and emails.
Real time video conversational transcription to text.
Realtime Audio conversational transcription to text. conversational transcription.
Enrich video call with’s contextual insights.
Analyze customer intents over chat with’s contextual insights.

Developers building on Agora can extend their RTE applications to truly understand natural human conversations across video, audio and messaging channels with Through comprehensive APIs, developers can easily integrate with and access the full suite of conversation intelligence capabilities:

  • Intelligent speech recognition
  • Generate contextual insights such as sentiment and custom intents
  • Auto-generate and classify topics, questions, follow ups, entities and action items
  • Access advanced conversation analytics

Combining and Agora enables developers to easily augment and enhance RTE applications by adding live copationing, real-time or post-call coaching, compliance, content moderation, intelligence-driven search and more.’s proprietary AI/ML technology combines the power of contextual understanding of human language and deep learning models trained with diverse conversation data to truly understand natural conversations, beyond keywords or pre-set dictionaries. is domain agnostic and requires no upfront training, eliminating the need to build, maintain and train ML models – empowering developers to easily and securely integrate AI and ML with their RTE apps.

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