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How Casinos and Sportsbooks Can Go All-In with Live Video and Voice Content Featured

How Casinos and Sportsbooks Can Go All-In with Live Video and Voice Content

By Author: Team Agora In Business

This past July, the best Fortnite players in the world competed in the inaugural Fortnite World Cup Finals. Live-streamed on both Twitch and Youtube, the finals of the competition garnered more than two million concurrent sessions, rivaling the average minute audience of 2.6 million viewers who viewed the Super Bowl live stream this year. With eSports revenues expected to top $1 billion this year, the time is ripe for casinos and sportsbooks to take advantage of the video game competition wave. 

So how can you bring the excitement of eSports events to your customers’ mobile devices and laptops through live content? Here are some ideas:

Create Engaging Live Shows

One of the most compelling features of live video and voice is that it allows viewers to immerse themselves in an event virtually even if they’re not physically present. By making live content easily accessible across mobile, web, and desktop apps, venues can encourage viewers to not only watch but interact and engage in real-time.

Hosting daily or weekly live eSports shows from a sportsbook is an ideal way to attract new sports fans and keep the conversation going long after the event or game has ended. Some features ideal for fostering interaction:

  • Real-time chat. By directly integrating this feature into your broadcast, viewers can communicate with each other and the hosts without depending on an outside channel.
  • Live video calls. Fans can call in with their thoughts, opinions, and feedback, which encourages other viewers to do the same.
  • Co-hosting opportunities. Giving away prizes, like co-hosting opportunities, encourages users to participate and tune in again and again.
    Betting lines. News channels to bet on sporting games and events are a win-win for fans and sportsbooks.
  • Virtual gifting. Opening up new channels of communication through live video and voice allows for new monetization opportunities, such as virtual gifting.

Host eSports Tournaments 

The opportunities don’t stop at live eSports shows. Large, established casinos and small- and medium-sized gambling houses alike can reap the benefits of hosting a tournament in-person while streaming it for thousands or even millions of people across the world to watch in real-time.

To take full advantage of the eSports tournament both offline and online, you can:

  • Develop your own eSports league. Build your casino’s brand in the eSports world by launching your own teams.
  • Run World-Cup level tournaments. Draw attention to your casino or other venues by broadcasting an established tournament.
  • Host monthly tournaments. Can’t host a major tournament? Create your own tournament schedule and draw a physical and virtual audience over time.
  • Integrate group video chat into the experience. Overlaying the feature on top of the eSports tournament stream encourages in-app or platform engagement.
  • Add virtual gifting and betting lines. These monetization features can be embedded in the tournament viewing experience.
  • Broadcast Live Events and More

In addition to hosting and broadcasting eSports-related shows and tournaments, casinos and sportsbooks can use live video to draw attention to and monetize other events, such as poker tournaments and concerts, as well. Access to live streaming content is also an ideal perk for VIP guests and customers.

To take full advantage of the many opportunities eSports and other live events can bring, casinos and sportsbooks should consult with a real-time communications (RTC) provider such as Agora and determine what kind of real-time engagement experiences are the best fit. With several partners and customers in the entertainment, gaming, and eSports industries, Agora has the experience and tools necessary to help you take your next live event to the masses.

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