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Agora Partners with KENT CamEye to Power Live Streaming Car Security in India

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Agora, the leading voice, video and live broadcasting platform, today announced a partnership with KENT CamEye, a first-of-its-kind car security device that uses dual cameras to live stream and record everything happening inside and outside of the vehicle.

According to data from India’s Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, the number of registered passenger cars in India has more than doubled to approximately 29 million since 2010. Ongoing efforts have been made to prioritize road safety and penalize drivers more heavily for traffic offenses, but speeding and negligent driving are still common problems on the country’s busy roads. Additionally, the rise of ride-sharing and chauffeurs for hire come with a new set of challenges, as cars are sometimes damaged or driven to unauthorized destinations.

To combat these issues and keep vehicles and passengers safe, KENT CamEye automatically records all activity happening inside and outside of the monitored vehicle and broadcasts a live feed of the video to the connected mobile app. KENT CamEye also tracks the real-time GPS location of the car, provides playback of the driver’s route, and sends push notifications when it detects unusual activity, such as an unfamiliar driver, sleeping in the car with the AC on, or going over the speed limit. The device also features a built-in microphone and speakers to enable seamless two-way voice calling so owners can get in touch with drivers and passengers with the tap of a button.

Unlike other GPS trackers and dash cams on the market, KENT CamEye provides an all-in-one solution that combines real-time location tracking, live streaming, time-lapse video recording, active monitoring, and voice communication from a single device. Under the new partnership, Agora will be the exclusive provider of real-time voice and video solutions to power KENT CamEye’s live streaming and voice calling features.

“We tested other RTC solutions but we needed a provider that could power one-to-many video broadcasting to ensure multiple users could access the live streaming feature at the same time,” said Jaibeer Malik, CTO at KENT CamEye. “With Agora, our users experience reliable, high-quality video and voice, no matter their network connection or location.”

Agora’s partnership with KENT CamEye comes on the heels of the company’s expansion in India, where it has established a dedicated local team to serve clients in the region. Other new partners in the region include Mech Mocha, the digital entertainment startup behind the mobile gaming hit Hello Ludo popular among vernacular Indian users.

Malik added, “As we look to expand internationally, we know we can rely on Agora to provide the scalable real-time communications solutions we’ll need.”

“Our partnership with KENT CamEye is an exciting opportunity to not only use live broadcasting to connect and entertain users but also to truly keep them safe as they travel to and from their homes,” said Reggie Yativ, CRO and COO at Agora. “We’re pleased to work with the KENT team to improve the safety of the country’s drivers and passengers.”

In addition to the partnership with KENT CamEye and several other projects, Agora will host AllThingsRTC, the premier real-time communications (RTC) event, next month in San Francisco. The conference will bring together over 300 top technologists, business leaders, and RTC enthusiasts along with speakers from Google, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Amazon to explore innovations in live interactive communication technologies.

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