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FaceUnity AR Filter

FaceUnity AR Filter

FaceUnity's AR technology provides video effects specializing in portrait beautification for Agora’s Video SDK.

Company: Hangzhou Xiangxin Technology Co.,Ltd

Platform: Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Unity

Category: Video Effects

FaceUnity AR Filter
FaceUnity AR Filter
FaceUnity AR Filter
FaceUnity AR Filter


We have developed a series of 3D vision, 3D graphics, deep learning and other technologies to provide the industry’s leading AR portrait video effects for live streaming, short video, photo, social networking, marketing, online education and other industries, and have served hundreds of industry-leading enterprise.

Use Cases:

At present, it has been widely used in video live broadcasting, short video shooting, scene marketing, photography applications, online education and other fields.


1. Professional high-quality video AR technology services.
2. More abundant special effects: full coverage of human face and human AR special effects, and rich and diverse types of special effects.
3. Easier docking: Dozens of audio and video manufacturers are provided with examples of integration, and the docking is fast and the success rate is high.
4. More professional service: provide professional technical training, front-line after-sales rapid response, technical on-site assistance docking.
5. More efficient sticker editing: Provides an efficient and easy-to-use professional editor that can flexibly create a variety of 2D and 3D complex combination props.
6. Support for mobile platforms: both iOS and Android are supported.