Create Memorable Experiences

Agora’s Real-Time Voice, Video and Interactive Streaming help erase the distance between you and the people you care about.

Agora delivers high quality, low latency, massive scalability
and quick integration directly into social engagement apps.

The Possibilities

Social Connections

Agora is perfect when embedded in social engagement apps. Our SDK’s come with a powerful tech stack for delivering real-time one-to-one video chat directly from inside your app. Agora’s low latency SD-RTN™ network ensures that each user sees and hears each other in real-time.

Live Interactive Streaming

Give your social network the boost it needs by giving your users the ability to conduct live interactive streaming from their channels. Use Agora’s live streaming capabilities to tell stories to a mass audience in an environment you control.

Group Chat

Provide your users with premium HD Voice & Video Group Chat that is designed to increase user engagement with crystal clear voice and video.

Make Video Fun with AR Filters and Stickers

Apply 600+ animated stickers, magic mirror and color filters. Take control of everything from UI to stream size and support third-party add-ons like filter, encryption, facial recognition, emojis, and more.

Scale Confidently

Connect your users across Agora’s SD-RTN™ network which is made up over 200+ data centers around the globe. Scale from 1 user to millions of users in days. 


Easily record live sessions for playback later. 
Store and curate your best content to reach your audience anywhere.

Optimized for Mobility

Low battery and CPU consumption. Zero resource interference between audio and video. Agora’s SDK is compatible on over 5000 high end and low end mobile devices.

Flexible Pricing For Video


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zero upfront cost

Zero upfront cost

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