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Improve User Experience and Drive Monetization for Social Apps

Almost half of the total world population—nearly 3.60 billion* people—are using social apps. Most social apps are free to use and depend largely on advertisers or paid features for revenue. So, it is crucial to increase in-app engagement and create revenue streams outside of downloads. Integrate live streaming into the app and enable users to create their own live video content, engage with each other, and keep them coming back.

Download the solution brief and learn how social apps with refined real-time engagement features can successfully captivate an ever-growing band of loyal users. Learn more:

  • Recipe for building a successful social app
  • Challenges of building a winning social app experience
  • Understanding the ideal user expectations & superseding them
  • Incorporating engagement features and tools that resonate with users

Discover best practices for driving engagement & delivering a super-rich social experience that wows users.

*Source: Statista