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Boosting Live Stream Engagement with AR Effects and Multi-Call Functionality hero

Boosting Live Stream Engagement with AR Effects and Multi-Call Functionality

By Author: Team Agora In Business, Developer

Today, content creators and their audiences are looking for more than standard live streaming functionality. Enhanced interactive features and multi-dimensional communication options within the live stream, became critical to driving engaging experiences.

A great example of a live streaming platform that’s innovating on the standard model with advanced functionality is CelebPrime, the flagship product of Fanory. The app enables creators and fans to connect seamlessly while adding Augmented Reality (AR) effects to create more interactive and engaging experiences.

Elevated viewer experience with real-time AR effects

CelebPrime offered diverse creative effects tailored to different live streaming content and contexts using real-time AR effects.

Creators can express themselves uniquely and use AR effects for enhanced storytelling or add humor with real-time filters that adapt to facial expressions. From quirky distortions to artistic overlays, these filters add an extra layer of fun and creativity.

Beyond entertainment, the face detection feature on CelebPrime ensures adherence to community guidelines through real-time content monitoring. Additionally, data insights gained from face detection provides valuable insights into user behavior, allowing CelebPrime to tailor strategies for maximum impact.

Enhanced interactions with multi-call functionality

CelebPrime also offers multi-call functionality, powered by Agora’s robust APIs, which enables fans to engage in live discussions and fosters a dynamic and inclusive environment. Fans could now engage in live discussions, ask direct questions to the creator, and feel part of a community. Real-time interactions between multiple creators and fans have opened doors for one-to-many Q&A sessions, conducting interviews, and collaborating with other creators.

CelebPrime has equipped creators with advanced tools for seamless live streaming, multi-participant calls and 1:1 calls for personalized fan interactions. This focus on both the audience and creators led to a more rewarding experience for both groups.

Learnings from CelebPrime’s success

By strategically implementing advanced features and prioritizing both the user and creator experience, CelebPrime has solidified its position as a leader in the live streaming industry. Here are a few key takeaways from their success:

Interactive features are essential: Integrate interactive functionality like real-time dynamic filters and AR effects that respond to facial expressions and movements to add a fun and engaging layer to live streams.

Scope for dynamic interactions: Enable real-time interactions between creators and multiple viewers simultaneously, including tools that enhance collaboration and audience participation through functionalities like virtual hand-raising and live polls.

Prioritize the creator experience: Equip creators with a comprehensive suite of in-stream features including muting/unmuting participants, managing screen sharing, controlling broadcast settings, and moderating chat conversations to enforce community guidelines.

Success fueled by data: Monitor viewer engagement metrics like chat activity, watch time, and participation in interactive elements and share this data with content creators to help them tailor streams to better resonate with their audience.

Moderate live streaming content in real time: Leverage real-time content moderation enabled by face detection or real-time video moderation to identify potential guideline violations during live streams, fostering a safer and more enjoyable experience for all users.

Monetization opportunities: Explore features that facilitate monetization for creators and the platform. This can include implementing virtual gifting functionalities during live streams or tiered subscription models that offer exclusive content or access to creators.

Live streaming platforms are constantly innovating to keep their creators ahead and their audiences engaged.

CelebPrime’s success exemplifies the power of innovative features like real-time AR effects and multi-call functionality powered by Agora, demonstrating the potential of equipping the platform with advanced streaming features.

“Implementing Agora led to a huge boost in engagement, with users spending 66% more time on our platform. Users appreciate the enhanced communication quality, which has increased user retention and platform growth.”

Saurabh Singh Kushwah, Co-Founder, Fanory

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