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Webinar: How Social App Engagement & Retention enables Monetization

Join our webinar to learn how Bolo Live and Eloelo are empowering content creators with fans-driven monetization opportunities using a diverse set of engagement and retention strategies. Consumers will spend 548 billion hours of live streaming* in top social apps this year and this behavior is sowing the seed for a new creator economy. Apps that offer live streaming as a prominent feature will attract most of the social app spending. Therefore, social app stakeholders need to act quickly if they want to capitalize on endless monetization opportunities.

In this 30-minute webinar, Varun Saxena, Founder & CEO, Bolo Live, and Saurabh Pandey, Co-Founder and CEO, Eloelo will share their perspectives on:

  • How the livestream boom is driving a significant uptick in the content creator economy.
  • What are some of the strategies to drive engagement and monetization for social apps.
  • How Agora and RTE can help create a more engaging live streaming experience for their users.

*Source: Report by