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CraftJam + Agora logos

CraftJam’s social crafting platform connects crafters in real-time with live streaming powered by Agora.

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The founders of CraftJam recognized an urgent consumer need at the intersection of four exploding trends: live-streaming, self/mental health care, the slow movement, and the loneliness epidemic. CraftJam is creating a community centered around creativity, social engagement, and well-being over shared hobbies—they call this “Craftcare”. The company is focused not only on skill building, but also on helping customers make room in their lives for regular creative practice, social interaction, and mental wellbeing.

CraftJam customers enjoy a seamless journey from workshop choice and ticket purchase to interactive participation in both group and breakout “studio” settings. The workshops are built around kits that are delivered by mail so that participants have everything they need for a particular craft project. Instructors provide real-time, hands-on feedback. All workshops are recorded and made available to participants so they can revisit and watch again later.

“Real-time engagement is critical to CraftJam because we believe that real connections and community can only be built live. We also know from research (and our own experience) that real-time feedback from instructors has a huge impact on learning success.”

Nora Abousteit, Founder & CEO, CraftJam

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Three women holding crafts walking on city street

The CraftJam platform is all about real people—meeting in real time—to enjoy a common interest. CraftJam recognized an opportunity to modernize craft gatherings and, in doing so, fulfill an urgent consumer need for relaxation and socialization. The CraftJam community is 25,000 strong and growing, thanks to its ability to support virtual group crafting with real-time engagement.

Previously, those seeking virtual craft classes had to find an instructor, gather and purchase materials, and then use a third-party platform like Zoom to connect. With CraftJam, crafters can do everything all in one place—find a class, sign up, purchase curated kits, and meet for instruction. Live video streaming allows members to virtually explore different crafts, acquire skills, and make new friends.

Products used

Bringing real people together in real time to enjoy real community

The live, interactive video used in CraftJam’s real-time craft classes is powered by Agora. CraftJam came to Agora after studying other innovative platforms using real-time interactive video—like Run the World and Talkspace—and realizing that they are Agora customers. The advantages of working with Agora’s mature and fully vetted real-time engagement platform made it the perfect fit to power live video for CraftJam.

CraftJam is excited to roll out a new “Studio” feature, which facilitates breakout rooms within craft workshops. Studio will allow workshop attendees to engage each other in smaller groups, connecting on a more personal level. By leaving the complexities of global, real-time, engagement to Agora, CraftJam is able to concentrate on what they do best—bringing real people together in real time to enjoy real community.

We chose Agora because of their excellent track record supporting rapid-growth, RTE business models. The Agora SDK is easy to implement and we are able to focus on growing our business without worrying about the technology.

Nora Abousteit, Founder & CEO, CraftJam

Headshot of Nora Abousteit, Founder & CEO, CraftJam

“The Agora SDK made it so easy to integrate live-stream video into our product and our customers love it. When we launched real-time, social interaction, our Net Promoter Score shot up to 86!”


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