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Virtual events platform Run The World uses Agora’s interactive video streaming to build community.



Founder Xiaoyin Qu’s mother is a pediatric neurologist in China who had little opportunity to meet and collaborate with her global colleagues. At her first international medical conference in Chicago, she met a neurologist from Dubai who had a patient with the same rare medical condition as one of her patients. As a result of their interaction, her patient received a new, better treatment plan.

Run The World was born from the idea that professionals around the globe should be able to attend international conferences without traveling. Xiaoyin Qu started Run The World to connect people with shared goals or interests through online virtual events, eliminating the logistics and financial costs of physically bringing speakers and attendees together while providing the interactivity that builds community and knowledge sharing.

“Attendees don’t want to passively watch video presentations online. They want to interact with speakers and engage with each other. Even though we’re in remote environments, interactive video streaming lets us feel like we’re together. It’s the basis for building strong, meaningful relationships.”

Xiaoyin Qu, CEO, Run the World

The Power of Real-Time Engagement


Run The World believes that the future of events will include a virtual presence with interactive video streaming. They’re creating a different environment for virtual events that doesn’t necessarily mirror in-person gatherings because they know that what works for in-person professional conferences, alumni networking meet-ups and festivals, doesn’t always match what presenters and audience members need in their online events.

During in-person events, presenters can hear their audience applaud while attendees can gauge their neighbors’ reactions to groundbreaking news. Virtual events provide speakers with just-in-time polls, audience reaction emojis, text chatting for audience engagement and even Run The World’s “take the mic” feature, which allows someone in the audience to ask a question via audio or video chat.

Commitment to interactivity is evident in every aspect of a Run The World virtual event. Event organizers can set up interactive conversations between speakers and attendees using group threads and virtual cocktail parties, or participants can choose to network with each other through video calls and chats–all without ever leaving the app.

Products used

A One-Stop Shop for Community Builders

Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform delivers the audio and video quality, flexibility, and scalability that Run The World requires for their virtual events. Their large worldwide audiences use voice and video chat, live interactive audio and video streaming and real-time messaging to engage with presenters and each other. Run The World uses Agora’s Recording services and also depends on Agora Analytics for real-time quality and usage stats to constantly monitor the user experience. As Run The World rapidly grows and innovates, Agora provides the support and flexibility they need to build global communities across desktop, web and mobile devices.


“We have seen over 16,000 events in Run The World in the past three quarters with Agora’s products. We are confident and cannot wait to see further growth with Agora powering Run The World.”


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