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Virtually re-create the best parts of physical workspaces—and then make them better with digital tools. Agora connects small teams and scales virtual events to millions with equal ease, so you can collaborate anywhere on the globe; no travel necessary.

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Enable teams to work together from anywhere

With live interactive features like real-time messaging, voice chat, video chat, whiteboards, screen sharing, document sharing, and more, Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform provides you with the building blocks to create seamless team productivity apps that enhance efficiency and creative collaboration.

But the benefits don’t have to end with the work. Our platform also provides social features like virtual gifting, face filters and sound effects that encourage fun and team building.

Agora’s global SD-RTN™ network, custom-built codecs and cross-platform SDKs ensure that your teams can reach each other from anywhere in the world using any device.


Host virtual conferences and large events

Give employees, partners, and customers the benefits of a conference or convention without extensive travel arrangements or complicated venue setup.

Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform provides an HD virtual conferencing solution you can deploy globally, so that thousands or millions of users can tune in and interact in real time on any device. Whether you’re streaming a keynote speech or hosting a networking event with small meeting rooms, you can rely on smooth, jitter-free and lag-free video and audio streaming.

And if you’re concerned about safety, networking opportunities or ways to increase revenue, Agora has you covered with features like content moderation, interactive games and virtual gifting.


Break Free From the Cubicle!

People no longer need to sit or think inside of the box. With Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform, real-time voice, video and interactive features broaden collaboration and networking to a global scale.
Crystal clear audio

Agora’s low-latency SD-RTN™ network ensures that people hear each other without distracting hiccups or delay. Our SOLO™ and NOVA™ audio codecs provide a 48kHz sampling rate with full-spectrum capture to ensure natural audio reproduction. Use Agora’s adaptive noise cancelation to filter out ambient or unwanted noise so that voices come through crystal clear.

Steady, real-time video

Whether it’s a one-on-one brainstorming session or a live conference stream to a million people, advanced in-house algorithms provide adaptive resolution, while immediate initial video rendering and seamless channel switching provide a reliable stream without delay, against even the most challenging network conditions.

Collaboration tools

Agora provides the tools teams need to solve problems, draft documents, and innovate together.

From anywhere in the world, with proxy services for access to a proprietary intranet, employees can share screens in their entirety or specific tabs or applications as well as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, or other documents.

Users can highlight areas of interest in existing documents or use the interactive whiteboard feature to brainstorm new ideas.

Full functionality

Our Real-Time Engagement Platform enables real-time messaging features so you can integrate interactive features such as voice and video chatting, text messaging, and live streaming into your apps.

You can monitor channel status in real time, and you can record multiple streams locally or on the cloud, controlling the audio and video quality as well as the recording layout.

AI-powered features

Take advantage of smart algorithms to improve the quality of collaboration. For example, use Agora’s adaptive noise cancelation to filter out ambient or unwanted noise so that voices come through crystal clear. Or extend Agora’s abilities with its API to integrate third-party services including AR facial mask.


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Pragli builds team productivity and camaraderie using Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform.

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