Bring Your Virtual Classroom to Life With Real-Time Engagement.

Educators and trainers across the globe are now able to provide Real-Time 1-to-1 Video and Live Classroom  Broadcasts directly to their students’ mobile and web devices.

Agora provides education organization and team dedicated to training an easy way to increase engagement and interactions with students around the globe.

The Possibilities

Virtual Classroom Broadcasts

Imagine a world where students from around the globe are able to participate in a virtual classroom. With Agora you can turn your traditional classroom into a virtual classroom by opening up your curriculum to students outside of your classroom walls. Our solution enables educators to conduct live interactive broadcasts, giving students the opportunity to present, ask, and answer questions via video. 

One-to-One Video Chat

Engage with your students by providing them an easy way to communicate and learn from their teachers in a one-on-one educational environment. Agora delivers premium HD
one-to-one video chat experience that is safe and secure. 

Student Group Chat

Students today are looking for new ways to engage and learn from their community. Agora provides your educational organization a complete video group chat solution that allows students to collaborate and learn from each other.

Live Team Training

Agora offers a live interactive broadcasting solution that is perfect for training small and large teams. Training teams can now encourage engagement by letting the participants ask questions by video. Use Agora’s live broadcast capabilities to train to mass audiences anywhere in the world from an environment you control.

High Quality Video & Voice

Optimized video and voice quality: When clarity is important to make that perfect next move or taunt that opponent, Agora makes sure that plays can be not just heard, but understood with our support for proprietary 48kHz ultra wide band voice.

Designed for Educators

Agora voice and video support one-to-one, one-to-many, and groups of unlimited size – ensuring that irrespective of how your virtual classroom grows, we’ve got you covered.


Optimized for Mobility

Extreme low latency communication which includes optimized screen-sharing: Agora boasts a lightning fast sub-second edge-to-edge transmission. Additionally, our low power consumption is designed to reduce mobile device battery drain without sacrificing quality for maximum high-quality game time.

Flexible Pricing For Video


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