Connect Teachers with Students Worldwide

Agora’s Online Learning Engagement Platform gives you the building blocks you need to assemble interactive classrooms anywhere, on any device, for any class size.

Power of Live Engagement for Education

1-on-1 Tutoring

Our high-fidelity audio and video support any tutoring subject from language, math, to music and art.

Lecture Hall

Low latency live streaming up to 10k students, while enabling teacher-to-student and student-to-student interaction.

Online Classroom

1-to-many online classrooms full of interactive features such as live video, messaging, screen sharing and white board.

AI Interactive Classroom

Cloud based AI teaching assistant that provides dynamic learning material based on student’s progress.

Live Interactive Classroom Features

The Agora Advantage

Classrooms without Borders

A dedicated network designed for low-latency, high-scale.

Accessible to All Students

Platform optimized SDKs that run on even the lowest powered devices.

Widest Range of Educational Scenarios

Diverse real-time cloud services designed to support a wide range of possibilities.

Highly Customizable

Flexible building blocks including pre-integrated 3rd party extensions to create unique experiences.

Uninterrupted Learning with Mission-Critical Reliability

Serving millions of concurrent users, with 99.99% uptime.

Enterprise-grade Support

Industry-leading, dedicated technical team ready to support your development and operation needs.

Ready to start building?