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Wildlife provides a more engaging social deduction experience with real-time audio from Agora.

Play screens of a Social Mystery Game, Wildlife's Suspects

About Wildlife studios

Wildlife Studios is redefining the mobile gaming landscape. As one of the largest mobile gaming companies in the world, their portfolio of over 60 games engages billions of players around the world. Founded in Brazil in 2011, Wildlife has grown into a truly global organization—with offices in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and Ireland.

Wildlife’s Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a social deduction game where groups of 6 to 12 players work together to solve a murder mystery. Between rounds, players discuss who the killer might be and vote on who they think it is. You can either choose to play the game with your closest friends or have the game pair you with similarly skilled players.

“The Suspects game depends on clear and fast communication between players. Other games use text chat, but real-time audio provides a much more engaging way for players to talk. Native voice chat is even more important in a setting where players must negotiate with each other to win.”


The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Screenshot showing two rival teams within the game, Suspects

Other social deduction games only use in-app text chat for player discussion and communication. This forces players to third-party platforms like Discord if they want to talk while playing. Wildlife knew they could do better. Native real-time voice chat is one of the key features that makes the Suspects experience unique. In-game voice chat combined with automated matchmaking provides players with a frictionless experience when compared to having to seek out other players to talk to on Discord.

One of Suspects’ most exciting in-game moments is the discussion between players as they try to uncover who the killer is, which sometimes result in very lively arguments. With misdirection and bluffing as key elements of the game, voice communication makes the experience much more rich and interesting than text alone. Voice chat is such an essential part of Suspects that players spend about half of their time in each game session talking to each other. These in-game discussions also mean that sessions last about 2.5x as long as other mobile games.

Products used

Enabling in-game voice chat across the globe

Wildlife uses Agora to power Suspects’ differentiating in-game voice chat. They looked at some other solutions, but Agora stood out as having the best combination of high quality audio, noise cancelling, an easy-to-use API, and the ability to centralize control in Wildlife’s servers. With Suspects players all over the world, communicating in 14 different languages, Agora’s global real-time network provides high quality audio everywhere from Brazil to Russia.

The flexibility and extensibility of the Agora platform is also essential for Wildlife. Agora allows Wildlife to implement innovative features such as “proximity chat,” which enables the adjustment of voice chat volume based on the distance between Suspects players. Both the proximity chat feature and standard native audio chat get lots of positive feedback from players.

“We chose Agora for its global, high-quality audio and easy-to-use API. Agora was also the best solution for solving echo cancelling problems, especially on Android devices.”

fernando fochi, product manager, wildlife

Wildlife Studios Product Manager, Fernando Fochi

“The average session length for Suspects is about 2.5x that of other mobile games, largely due to the voice-chat capability generating a deeper connection between players. They want to keep on playing with the people they just met online. Agora’s real-time audio differentiates Suspects while providing a smooth and engaging in-game experience that our players love.”


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