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Pragli user interface
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Pesto builds team productivity and camaraderie using Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform.

Pragli user interface

About Pragli

Vivek Nair and Doug Safreno were inspired by the flexibility of working remotely but frustrated by the loneliness and communication challenges it presented.

They built Pesto to help distributed teams engage in a more organic and cohesive way. Individuals use avatars to signal whether they are available, away from their desks, concentrating, or hanging out at the virtual water cooler, so coworkers know the best way to engage with them. Similar to a physical office, people can see the conversations that are happening and join in with a single click.

“What Slack did for email, we want to do for video conferencing. Traditional video conferencing is exclusive by design, whereas Pragli is inclusive. Just like in an office, you can see who is talking to who.”

Douglas Safreno, Co-Founder, Pragli

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Pragli user interface

It’s a common belief that teams are more productive and creative when they are physically in the same location. But, the founders of Pesto felt there was a way to meld the benefits of working from home with the needs of team collaboration.

Through trial and error, Pesto discovered that, while video allows people to see body language and humanizes remote interactions, teams found that always being on video was exhausting. To better approximate the nuances of communication and access in a physical workspace, Pesto integrated avatars, social signals, text messaging, audio rooms, and other real-time engagement tools.


Technology for Meaningful Team Interactions

With Agora’s video SDK, Pesto provides a full range of interactive features for remote teams. Teammates can schedule video meetings and can speak informally through audio rooms that are focused on work or non-work topics such as #engineering, #sales, #water-cooler, and #trivia.

“Since our launch in April, we have seen more than 50X growth in our user base. Agora’s video SDK was critical in ensuring that we scaled seamlessly to the increased demand. Users frequently give us compliments about the high quality of the audio/video experience, and we have Agora to thank for that.”

Vivek Nair, Co-Founder, Pragli

Portrait of Vivek Nair

“If you’re building a productivity application you eventually have to cover the entire platform real estate. You have to cover Android, iOS, the browser, and the desktop. The only service that gave us confidence that we could provide our service to users on any device was Agora.”


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