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PandaTree gives kids a fun, interactive way to learn language using Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform.

PandaTree user interface


PandaTree provides a fun and engaging way for kids to learn languages—currently offering Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. It’s safe and convenient interactive learning that happens through conversations with expert tutors.

In one-on-one or small group sessions, students and tutors engage each other in real-time video while working with curriculum materials such as videos, text, and even 3D virtual field trips onscreen. A parent hub makes it easy to schedule sessions and track a student’s progress; the kid hub lets students review what they’ve learned and play language-related games between sessions.

“Agora’s platform helped PandaTree earn rave reviews from customers, with nearly 100% of families recommending PandaTree for language lessons.”

Rich Matsuura, Co-Founder and VP of ProducT, PANDAtREE

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

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PandaTree wanted to provide more than simple video chatting and screen sharing because students learn better —and parents are happier— when the experience is fun and engaging.

Now, students and tutors can interact with each other in real time while they’re working through the interactive curriculum.

Products used

Technology that Keeps Students Engaged

Agora’s Video Calling keeps students and tutors conversing in real time as students work with still images, videos, and even interactive games. With Agora’s Recording, PandaTree records every session and makes it available to parents for review. Agora Analytics helps PandaTree quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve any technical issues that arise during a session.

PandaTree’s transition to the Agora platform provided a much more stable experience, which increased customer satisfaction and loyalty—and decreased customer support costs. Agora’s worldwide presence ensured that they could deliver quality tutoring sessions anywhere on the globe. And when PandaTree tripled its business almost overnight as schools closed due to the pandemic, Agora’s scalability meant they were able to keep up with the dramatic increase in demand.

“We’re really happy with the collaborative relationship we have with Agora. The stability of their platform and ease of integration helps us deliver an experience families love.”


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“Transitioning to the Agora platform helped reduce lesson connection issues by over 50%.”


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